21 Analytics companies that are hiring now! Location wise list for Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata

Analytics companies hiring

Listed below are companies that are hiring for Business Analysts or Data Science professionals on various job sites on the web. For your benefit we have also given the web address of the companies alongside.


1. Tesco Hindustan service centre – http://www.tescobengaluru.com/
2. Weinvest – Startup – https://weinvest.net/
3. KPMG Global Services – https://home.kpmg.com/in/en/home/kpmg-global-services.html
4. GE India Technology Pvt. Ltd. – http://www.ge.com/in/always-open
5. Accenture https://www.accenture.com/in-en
6. Kruxonomy http://analyticsindiajobs.com/job/an-analytics-startup-in-bangalore-looking-for-analysts/
7. CubeIt – Startup -http://cubeit.io/c8f/?r=cf2r



1. Levadata – Startup -http://levadata.com/
2. DEFTeam Solutions Pvt Ltd -http://www.defteam.com/
3. Gramener https://gramener.com/
4. Perceptive Analytics – http://www.perceptive-analytics.com/


Gurgaon/New delhi

1. IBM
2. McKinsey Knowledge Centre India Pvt Ltd -http://www.mckinsey.com/global-locations/global/knowledge-network
3. Gonoise -http://www.gonoise.com/
4. CarPm – Startup -http://carpm.in/home



1. Capgemini – https://www.capgemini.com/
2. Arohan Financial Services Pvt Ltd – http://www.arohan.in/
3. M N dastur -http://www.dastur.com/
4.Analyttica Datalab Pvt. Ltd – http://www.analyttica.com/
5. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd – http://www.tcs.com/Pages/default.aspx
6. ICRA techni Analytics Ltd – http://www.icteas.com/

This is not an exhaustive list of all the jobs available on the web. We recommend you start with this and we will keep updating you on more to come!
Happy hunting!

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