Two Beakers Problem – Analytics Interview Question / Puzzle

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You have two beakers – one of 4 liters and other of 5 liters. You are expected to pour exactly 7 liters in a bucket. How will you complete the task? (Don’t Google, Try Yourself)

Analytice Interview Questions

Analytice Interview Questions

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4 responses to “Two Beakers Problem – Analytics Interview Question / Puzzle”

  1. Aditya Kumar Singh says:

    Pour 3 times from 4L beaker and then take out 1 time using 5L beaker.

  2. anuragh says:

    Aditya's solution is great, just one more idea, fill the 5 litres and pour it in the bucket, then take the 5 litres fill it and pout it into 4 litre beaker, 1 litre remains in the 5 litre beaker exactly pour that in and repeat again to achieve 7 litres in total....

  3. Neelam Shekhawat says:

    Fill 4 L beaker and pour in 5L bucket and again fill 4L beaker then completely fill 5L bucket then in bucket 4 L 3L water remaining.Then empty 5 L bucket and pour the water from 4L bucket to 5L bucket then again fill 4 L bucket. Now we have 3L in 5L bucket and 4L in 4L bucket and hence we achieve 7 L in total.

  4. Shan Kumar says:

    Fill 3 times 4 litre beaker, 1st time 4L pour in bucket, 2nd time 4L pour in 5L beaker. 3rd time 4L water pour in 5L beaker and remaining in bucket, now bucket have 7L .

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