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Data Science and Design Thinking

Data Science and Design ThinkingData science can be defined as analyzing and explaining ph

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All about Big Data Job

Big Data jobWith the beginning of new tools and advancements in technologies, people have received th

Data Science Interview Questions

Interview Questions and AnswersTop Data Science Interview Questi

Data Science Job in 2021

Data Science JobTips to Land a Data Science Job in 2021

Data Science is the new engine of all organisational decisions and landing a data science job is a dream of many. While landing a Data Scien

Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari

Data Science Success Story of Vishal T

Key Business Questions

Key Business QuestionsHow to use Data to Answer Key Business Questions

Analysis of Data (Data Analytics) is like a knight in a shining Armor for most of the organizations. They are investing quite a fortune to tast


The world is changing, and moving rapidly towards digitization. It is not difficult to compare today’s world with the one that was 10 years ago. There has been a

Business analysis is something that focuses most on analysing and optimising the processes and functions. A business analyst analyzes what a business needs, to function optimally and