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Loan Application Case Study | Data Science Bootcamp | Tableau | Ivy Professional School

Today, we are going to learn about one of the most interesting and exclusive concepts that apply everywhere in business applications: Case Studies.  A case study is an important and useful way to learn about the practical applications of business using science models. These science models are usually those which help us apply logic to business scenarios. Our very t

Most Popular Tools & Languages for Machine Learning and Data Science


Data Spotlight: Spotify Wrapped Music Data

Data Spotlight


The listeners of Spotify are familiar with the annual hum know

Top 15 Interesting Tricks Every Python Beginner Must Know

Top 15 tricks every python beginner must know

We have covered

Tableau vs Power BI for Data Visualization

Tableau vs Power BI banner

Data Visualization has gained massive popularity lately. Not only is this

On Demand Webinar: Application of Data Analytics by Airtel to Retain their Customer Base

Application of Data Analytics



The Application of Data Analytics in todays world is manifold

6 Useful R Packages for Data Science & Machine Learning



R can be used for various functionalities in the Data world. Right from Loading Data to modeling data to manipulating

Common Statistical Models used in Predictive Analytics

Statistical Models used in Predictive Analytics



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