5 Useful Advice for Your Upcoming Data Science Interview

There has never been any better time to start a career in data science than now. The amount of data science jobs is anticipated to evolve by 30 percent this decade and it is also one of the most attractive technical roles along with median salaries for data scientists being over a hundred thousand dollars a year. This article will act as a data science interview guide for all data science aspirants. 

But before you start to earn that six figure salary, you will be needing to ace your data science interview. And remember this kind of interview is way more than just the portrayal of your technical skills. This guide will help you to know what to expect from your upcoming data science interview and how to prepare accordingly.

Are Data Science Interviews Difficult?

It is similar to preparing for other job interviews to prepare for an interview in data science. It is even more the same as interviews as tech roles so you will not have to encounter anything that your fellow software developers have not faced. 

Still there are some peculiarities. So let us have a look at the details you should keep in mind when you prepare for any interview in data science.

Data Science Interview Preparation: How To Start?

If you are planning for an interview in data science, then you definitely need to ensure that the basic things are in place. Interviews can be very challenging, as most of the time candidates are nervous, they aren’t sure what to cover and what not to and last-minute data science interview preparations can be very exhausting as well. For interviews in data science, the candidates need to go over technical and soft skills once again. This can be difficult as there will be a lot of things to cover. Landing an interview is just not enough, you have to work on the requisite things to crack the interview as well.

Tips For Data Science Interview

In this blog, we will mainly focus on the things that you need to do a day before your Data Science interview, apart from revising the concepts and focusing on data science interview questions in detail.

Make Sure Your Resume Has All the Necessary Details

The basis to any interview is a good resume and by a good resume, we mean a resume that talks about your strength, skills and expertise very clearly. Your Data Science resume must include all the key details related to your experience and it must also mention the tools you know. Before your interview day, go through the resume thoroughly and revise and edit it if required. Replace the details that are not required with new relevant details.

Revise on the Data Science Projects you have worked on

Just like the details on your resume, revising on the data science projects you have worked on is very important. If there are any projects that are irrelevant to the role you have applied for, adding it doesn’t add much value. Shortlist some best projects that you want to talk on. These projects could be from your current organisation or internships. Also, it is very important that these projects are relevant to your job profile.

Mastering Programming Languages & Implementing Them Algorithmically

Talking about technical skills, it is important for a candidate to have the basic knowledge of the fundamental topics like data structure, distributed computing and languages like Python, R and SQL. Python is one of the most popular languages in the industry according to recent studies. After mastering a programming language like R or Python, one must try to implement the language algorithmically.

Practice Solving Puzzles

Many organisations use puzzles for testing a candidate’s problem-solving skills. They are testing a candidate’s analytical skills by their ability to solve a puzzle. While solving the data science puzzle, remember the following points.

Take time to understand the problem and ask for the details that are not mentioned.

Let the interviewer know about your thought process as the puzzle-solving test is actually to understand your thought process.

Do not stick to the same approach for too long. Try to think out of the box sometimes.

– Research the Job Profile and the Organisation

– Researching the job profile and organisation 

Researching the job profile is always beneficial. You will be able to prepare according to the job role. Research about the organisation, try to gain adequate knowledge about the technologies they work with or what they are expecting from this role. Spend some time researching what they are expecting from the role. Spend some time reading about the company’s mission, core values and vision. Spend some time reading about the company’s mission, core values and vision.

Getting Hands-On Experience

This is very important. Getting hands-on experience gives a person the in-depth knowledge that will not only help a data science applicant to understand the scenario better but also help to demonstrate their skills. Working on a data science project and attempting to create and develop a model gives the candidate in-depth understanding of the area.

Wrapping Up

These are some last moment tips that will help you crack a data science interview. The entire process is a long process. You need to start months in advance and build a strong profile.  At Ivy Pro School, we not only provide in-depth knowledge in data science and analytics to our students but also make them industry ready. At Ivy, we also prepare our students to crack interviews in data science and our students are placed at reputed organisations.  So, if you are looking to get certified in Data Science and get recognized with your skills, we recommend choosing from our range of Data Science Certifications. You can also get in touch with us at +91-7676882222.

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