Data Science Interview Experience with HSBC

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Tanwi placed in HSBC

We are proud to share that Tanwi has bagged a Data Analyst job with HSBC, one of the largest global banks, HSBC. Below she shares her Interview Experience with the big conglomerate.

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart –

Together with Ivy, I could make a successful career transition as a Data Analyst. Ivy owned my dream and left no stone unturned in making me reach my target. So yes, we did it!

Tanwi’s Interview Experience – 

It was a lengthy interview process comprising of 3 rounds viz. Aptitude Test, Value Test and Final round of interview.

Round 1 –

The Aptitude test consisted of 100 questions to be completed in a period of 2 hours. There were 5 sections as followed. Simple Quantitative ability problems, easy grammar and vocabulary, tough logical reasoning questions, basic banking finance scenarios, and very tricky Statistics questions. There were no codes involved in this round.

Round 2 –

The value test was the most interesting round aiming to identify your attitude towards a given scenario. What would be the best option to act on and the worst choice to avoid.

Round 3 –

The final interview primarily focused on digging deeper into what my resume provided them with. I was asked questions on Economics. Related to Data Science, they wanted to get a clear idea of the various modeling techniques I had performed in the projects at Ivy. Data Handling and Cleaning methods using SAS were also asked with an element of Value test to gaze at my problem handling skills.

Notably, Ivy was instrumental in helping me crack through this selection process.

Ivy’s Role in my Success – 

I come from an Economics background. Ivy’s course curriculum is tailor-made for novice Data Analytics aspirants like me. As a result, I could quickly adjust to the world of Data Science as the course encompassed all the basics required to lay a strong foundation. Their professional teaching assistants ensured I progressed with my learning seamlessly. I gained maximum lessons with their help while working on the very relevant industry-based Machine Learning case studies. Ivy provided massive support not only in cracking this interview but also in starting my job as an Analyst.

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Advice to Current Students – 

  • Tips about resume-

A resume is a snapshot of how capable you can be for the company. Prepare a crisp and sound resume to generate an effective and worthy first impression.

  • Be confident with Data Science Projects in the resume-

Every word that goes in the resume is of utmost importance, especially the Data Science projects. You must be confident and thorough with the projects mentioned.

  • Importance to basic statistics and Data Cleaning techniques-

Do Ensure that you have a rock-solid grip on the basic statistical concepts. Furthermore, Data cleaning techniques hold importance from the perspective of an interviewer. So by all means, brush up on these topics properly.

How would you Introduce Ivy to your friends – 

I will proudly vouch for Ivy to all my friends with a non-technical background and are looking to make a successful transition into Data Science.

If the words of Tanwi kindles a spark in you to pursue a career in Data Science, then wait no more. Choose from our various industry-relevant courses and benefit from the in house Learning Management System, Blended Learning model, and expert Teaching Assistants.

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