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4 responses to “Forum”

  1. somnath pahari says:

    In the music school asignments
    1)If one teacher can teach in multiple courses?
    2)do i need to keep track of capacity or any course?
    3)if capacity needs to be tracked is it a good idea to put it in course table or to create a seprate table somthing like room

  2. somnath pahari says:

    sir,after creating a access file when i move that access file to another storage location and open that file its completely blank,showing no previous data.can you please tell me the reason and how to avoid that and is it possible to get previous data back.

  3. Seikh Nishan Ali says:

    Hi Somnath,
    I tried to solve your questions-
    1)Yes one teacher can each multiple courses
    2)You do not need to track the capacity of the courses necessarily but if you wish you can,
    3)Yes this will be a good idea if you create a table named class_room.That will give you the details of the class location and the capacity.
    Hope this will help and if you still have any problem please feel free to discuess.

  4. Sambit Bhattacharya says:

    Im a fresh graduate(B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering) of 2017 and i want to take uo analytics as my career.
    1) How justified will it be for me to take up the business analytics certification course at ivy being from a total non programming/statistics background?
    2)Being a Fresher how can i see my career prospects after the course? As i don't have any prior work experience as of now.

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