On Demand Webinar: Application of Data Analytics by Airtel to Retain their Customer Base

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Application of Data Analytics



The Application of Data Analytics in todays world is manifold across several sectors & businesses. It has proved to be a boon for the telecom sector as well. After its launch, Reliance Jio created ripples in the telecom sector and brought about a complete disruption in the sector dominated previously by market leaders like Bharti Airtel or Vodafone India Ltd or Idea cellular.


We all know how!

Attractive tariffs & unlimited data services for consumers. The no. of mobile broadband users grew from a mere 153 Million (pre 2016 era) to 1.16 billion as of April 2019, according to a TRAI report.


Webinar Objective: Application of Data Analytics by Airtel to Retain their Customer Base


In this webinar, our speaker helps us understand how Bharti Airtel has managed to weather the storm and stands at a total subscriber base of 321.9 million as of today which is lesser than total number of Jio users at 314.8 million. Ready to find out how it happened?

Airtel did face a sheer volume of retention during the launch of Reliance Jio and retention became almost unmanageable.

But Data consumption is on a steady rise in the urban as well as rural areas in India and it is this Data (not cellular data!) but Data science which has helped Airtel to stay afloat in storm waters.

The use of Classification algorithms helped in the development of an optimum customer profile in terms of the probability of retention.

Watch this webinar to find out how classification algorithms can be used to solve such a problem using actual industry data.


What You’ll learn:

  • -Application of Data Analytics in the Telecom sector.
  • -Understanding how classification algorithms help in customer retention.

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Webinar Presenter:

Aditya Bose

Presently a Manager at Affine Analytics. Aditya is an alumni of Delhi School of Economics and is extensively experienced in the field of Data Analysis, Model Optimization, Supply Chain Management and Econometric Analysis.



Date: Thursday, July. 11, 2019

Time: 9.30PM – 10:30 PM (IST)


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