Rise in the demand for Data Science Technology in the post-COVID world!

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demand for data science

We all know that the world recently took a massive hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to spread at a scary fast speed. As they say that “Desperate times need desperate measures”. The “Lockdown” strategy was decided upon as a measure to contain its outspread. Consequently, and instantly, the global economy went far south. IMF anticipates this as the steepest slowdown since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Additionally, normal human life has also got adversely affected. People are confined in their homes. It is a challenge to lead a locked-down life managing home and work.

The rise in data generation and demand for Data Science:

Amid these testing times, there is but one thing that has really ballooned in the presence of the Internet and electronic gadgets like smartphones, wearables, etc., that is the generation of Data. Before the COVID, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were being generated every day through every click, share, search, and stream from the use of various digital devices globally. It is beyond imagination the amount of data we are generating every day while adjusting to the Lockdown now.

Owing to the availability of massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, Data Science Technology involving Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics ruled the major part of the last decade. For three years in a row, Glassdoor ranked the role of a data scientist as the number one job in the US. According to a report by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the rise of data science needs will create roughly 11.5 million job openings by 2026. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, data scientists and analysts will become the number one emerging role in the world. Evidently, an increased number of brands do realize the possibilities and benefits of leveraging these technologies. The spike of data generation is only going to further bring the technology to the center-stage among businesses.

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Source: Time of India

Unleashing the Power & Demand for Data Science to fight against COVID-19:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is one of the most advanced weapon in fighting against this invisible enemy. Data Scientists and Researchers everywhere are applying Data Science to understand the spread of this disease, finding treatment and vaccine.

  • BlueDot, a Canada-based company reportedly was the first company that uncovered the news of the outbreak in late December 2019 using data analytics and AI.
  • Johns Hopkins University first shared an interactive dashboard to be used for tracking real-time data on coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries.
  • China utilised Big Data Analytics to track the number of people infected and their global location thereby understanding the dynamic of COVID-19.
  • Another amazing news of possible breakthrough has popped up from Mumbai, India. Applying Artificial Intelligence, a team of Data Scientists have identified 3 molecular compounds which can be synthesized and tested to create a drug to fight the contagious disease.

All these factors will lead to an increased trust on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It could be safe to assume that there will be a rise in the demand for Data Science Technology in the post-COVID world.

Utilizing Data Science post-COVID-19:

We have all embraced the Lockdown and adapted to a “Stay home stay safe” way of living for a while. Social Distancing is a mandate which all of us are inculcating. Rise in “contactless” way of working is likely the way outpost COVID-19. Interestingly, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has the potential to bring about this much-desired change. Some jaw-dropping awesome applications one can likely find widespread post COVID-19 are :

  • Contactless flying and driving using AI
  • Big Data Analytics on the increased home-delivery orders for merchandise and groceries
  • Drones for surveillance, crop monitoring, etc. and applying AI and Machine Learning on videos and images collected
  • Automation of documentation and Knowledge Management in Banking and Healthcare industry applying Computer Vision

Apparently, a surge in the already high demand of Data Scientists is most likely round the corner. This is the right time to take a leap of faith and up-skill yourselves in the field. So buckle up all the aspiring Data Scientists!!!.

Start learning Machine Learning & AI:

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Demand for Data Science

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