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Deep Dive in Data Science, AI & Machine Learning Course

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Career?

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Benefits For You

1. No Upfront Fee, Get Hired Then Pay: Registration charges Rs 10,000 + tax only . You are only eligible to pay us for the course, when you get a job with a minimum CTC of 4 Lakhs.

2. Get Industry Endorsed Certificate : Join the industry endorsed program by Ivy Pro School & Nasscom. A Unique Collaboration between academia and industry specifically focused on maximizing employability.

3. Join the Data Science Industry : Opportunity to work in one of the fastest growing and rewarding industries in the world.

4. Flexibility of learning from anywhere : Specialized learning program developed to be delivered live online. Give yourself freedom to attend from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

5. Work on Real-life Cases / Projects : Hands-on learning on real-life projects/case studies using advanced statistical tools (R, Python, Tableau) and latest models used in Machine Learning and Data Visualization.

6. Focus on Holistic development : We have an all round development approach where we equip you with skills such as CV building, networking skills, Interview skills and other crucial job oriented skills.

Tailor Made Curriculum

Industry focused technical curriculum augmented with candidate focused soft skills enhancement programme.

1:1 Mentorship

Get taught and mentored by Elite Data Science Experts

Become a Target Hire!

Ivy Pro School focuses on your complete and holistic development so that you can become the "Target Hired"!

How Ivy Pro School & Nasscom Prepare You For Data Science Career

Build Job Ready Skills

Master essential skills of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. With these Skills you can bag a job with top MNC's

Complete 30 real-life projects, including six industry-worthy capstone projects to showcase your skills to employers.

Develop a professional portfolio

Make yourself hireable with personalized career coaching and 1:1 mentorship from industry experts

Launch your dream career

Become a Pro in Industry Relevant Tools


Deep Dive In Data Science- AI and ML

Download the curriculum for the Deep Dive in Data Science AI and ML

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Projects from Industries


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Be Job Ready in 24 Weeks

How Would You Benefit From The Program?

  • Curriculum Designed & Delivered By Data Science & AI Experts from Oracle, Boston Consulting Group, Google, McKinsey and Company, Accenture, etc.
  • Career Transition with an Average of 40%+ Salary Hike.
  • Lifetime Placement Support & Class Recording Access.
  • Hiring Opportunities from 300+ Data Science, Analytics & AI Companies.
  • Learn from Anywhere - Live Online Based Training Program.

Register Now to Interact with Ivy's Analytics Director(MSQE, ISI, 14+ years of analytics industry experience),

Our Mentors

Prateek Agrawal

Prakhar Gupta

Eeshani Agrawal

Farukh Hashmi

The co-founder of Adorithm a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based startup, along with B.Tech from IIT Delhi.

He had donned various hats of a business advisor, Analyst, Consultant etc. utilizing his statistics and analytics knowledge and expertise for various global business clients.

The founder and Director of Ivy Professional School. He is ranked among Top 20 Data & Analytics Academicians (by Analytics India Magazine), a Data Consultant and a Serial Entrepreneur with 15+ years of global experience in data science consulting for 50+ world’s leading companies and coaching 7,000+ learners from 100+ leading organizations and elite colleges like IIT Kgp, IIM Kolkata, IIT Delhi, Presidency University, ISI, Jadavpur University, Madras School of Economics, etc. Worked with a Big 5 consulting firm in New York / Chicago / Washington DC / Houston.

The Director of Ivy Professional School, a Data driven management consultant, Data story teller, and a data science / analytics coach with 16+ years of global experience. Has consulted several world’s leading engineering, manufacturing and consulting firms. Has coached 9,000+ professionals from 100+ companies and students from elite educational institutes like IITs, IIMs, ISI, etc. By education, she is an MS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.

An innovator in solving industry problems using Artificial Intelligence. My expertise is backed with 10 years of industry experience. I have a B.Tech Degree in Computer Science.Being a senior data scientist, I am responsible for designing the AI/ML solution to provide maximum gains for the clients. As a thought leader, right now my focus is on solving the key business problems of the CPG Industry.

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Complete the Data Science with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning course successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from Nasscom & Ivy Professional School. Receive this accolade with the accomplishment of your course.

Share it with your friends, colleagues, seniors and potential employers. Open the gates of opportunities for that professional leap you have worked hard for.

Payment Plans

Prepaid Payment

Pay us full fees of Rs 95,000 + GST upfront

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Pay us 17.5% of your monthly salary for up to 3 years post job capped at 1,35,000 + GST if you get a job paying more than the minimum guarantee CTC.

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Postpaid Payment

How To Get Started?


Fill in our simple application form. This is followed by a multistage assessment which is designed to assess your hunger, aptitude, learning ability and overall fit for our programme. Entry to this highly prestigious programme is highly competitive and is mainly based on your attitude towards learning and working rigorously.

If you progress past all the assessment rounds, you will get the opportunity to sign the ISA and join our ELITE programme. This 24 week programme aims to focus on your holistic development which includes providing you with the latest data analytics relevant skill sets ( SQL, PYTHON, etc.) as well as having your soft skills. ( Networking skills , interview skills , business communication skills)


About halfway into the learning programme , we start referring you to top companies. We provide complete guidance and assistance with regard to the job application process and strive to ensure that our candidates are "Job Ready" in every possible aspect.


Application and Assignment

Intense Learning Programme

Guaranteed Placement

What Our Students Say About Us

The course and curriculum is very much industry oriented and covers straight from basic to advanced levels. The journey till now have been smooth and great owing to experienced faculty of the program. My doubt never goes unanswered in any class and what i especially liked about the faculty is how they make a person understand the concepts thoroughly.

Vani Agarwal

Ivy is undoubtedly one of the best Data Science Institutes when it comes to faculty and teaching. I've studied from a lot of teachers over the years but haven't seen more informed, dedicated and helpful faculty than of Ivy. The course structure is extremely well formulated with lots of opportunities for one to grow and explore themselves.


Shreya Gupta


In this video you will find our student Sambit Behera explain how to analyze key functionalities within the Dataset and develop a Machine Learning model using the key features to predict the Promotion of an Employee in an Organization using Python.

Also how to extract Business Insights using various Analysis and Plotting techniques (Grouped Bar Plot & Box Plot) to help the Organization take a better decision to Promote an efficient Employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pay after placement is covered by the Income-Share Agreement. So, what is an Income-Share Agreement (ISA)?

ISA (Income Share Agreement) is a legal contract that makes Ivy Professional School outcome-based and significantly enhances your employability without creating any financial burden. As per the ISA agreement, if you do not get placed with the minimum guaranteed CTC within 1 year from the completion of your course, your education at Ivy Professional School is completely free. It is not an education loan, as you do not pay any interest rate and you don’t need to provide any collateral.

2. How Does Our ISA Work?

  • 4 to 6.5 Lakhs Per Annum (CTC)You pay us only if you get a job of INR 4,00,000 /- per year (CTC) to INR 6,00,000 per year (CTC) or more, after the completion of the course. 1 YearIf you do not get placed within
  • 1 year after the completion of your course, you don’t have to pay any course fee to Ivy Professional School.

3. What are the “Drop Out Clauses” for ISA?

If you realize that Ivy Professional School or the program is not for you, you may withdraw your enrollment from our courses anytime Here is how the fee structure works in case you drop out:

  • 15 days - No Payment
  • 15-45 days - Partial Token Payment
  • 45 days onwards - 100% ISA Payment

4. What is an ISA and how does it work?

An ISA (Income Share Agreement) is an avenue to pay your Ivy Professional School course fee only when you get a job with the minimum CTC guaranteed. An Ivy Professional School ISA is an agreement between a student and the institution under which the student agrees to pay a fixed monthly payment for a period of 36 months or less after the student gets a job with the minimum guaranteed CTC. The payment begins only once you earn a salary of 4,00,000 (CTC) to INR 6,50,000 (CTC) per year or more, after the completion of your course.

If you do not get the promised results, a job that pays the minimum CTC guaranteed to you at the time of enrolment or more, you pay us nothing at all. Your education is completely free.Our average salary is above INR 7,50,000 per year (CTC) LPA.

5. Can I see a copy of the ISA?

Yes, of course. As you go through the complete admission process, a copy of the same will be provided to you at the end.

6. What are the interest rates for ISA?

ISA (Income Share Agreement) are not loans, so there is no interest levied on ISA.

7. Do I need to submit any documents post getting the job?

According to ISA, you will be legally bound to provide all the documents related to your Income like Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, Offer letters, Bank Statements, etc.

8. What happens if I don’t get an offer for 4 LPA (CTC) to 6.5 LPA?

Ivy Professional School’s team is always working to find you the ideal placement opportunities. In the rare scenario that you do not get a job of Rs. 4 LPA (CTC) to 6.5 LPA (CTC) or more, your ISA payments will not begin. They will only begin if they get a job at the minimum guaranteed (CTC) or above.

9. How do I pay my ISA amount?

Students must pay the ISA amount based on their salary in equal monthly instalments (equivalent to the course fee only) or at one go (with additional discount) without any added charges, via Ivy Professional School’s NBFC partners.

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