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5. Work on Real-life Cases / Projects : Hands-on learning on real-life projects/case studies using advanced statistical tools (R, Python, Tableau) and latest models used in Machine Learning and Data Visualization.

6. Focus on Holistic development : We have an all round development approach where we equip you with skills such as CV building, networking skills, Interview skills and other crucial job oriented skills.

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Deep Dive In Data Science- AI and ML

Unit 1 | Week (1 - 4)

Planning and Thinking Skills for Architecting Data Science Solutions

  • 10V's of data, Understanding Classification, Segmentation, Regression and Optimization (The general tasks of a Data Scientist)
  • Understanding Statistical (Discriminative and Generative), Non-Parametric (Instance Based and Iterative) Models Graphically
  • The Latest Trends: Sub-Space, Spectral, Kernel and Neural Networks

Unit 2 | Week (5 - 8)

Foundation Courses

  • Data Analytics in Excel - foundation to dashboarding
  • Visualization using Tableau
  • Python / R Programming - coding structures, data handling, control structures, etc.
  • Analytics Problem Solving - CRISP-DM Framework for business problem solving
  • Probabilities, joint and conditional probabilities, simulations and estimations. Introduction to gaussian mixtures and anomaly detection
  • Data types, basic probabilities, Probability distributions (Discrete and Continuous) -Bernoulli, Binomial, Multinomial and Poisson distribution
  • Describing the relationship between attributes: Covariance; Correlation; ChiSquare
  • Special emphasis on Normal distribution; Central Limit Theorem
  • Inferential stats: t, f chi-square testing
  • Inferential statistics: How to learn about the population from a sample and vice versa; Sampling distributions; Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing.
  • Case Study - Uber Supply Gap - summarize and visualize your solutions using Uber supplydata.

Statistical modeling & EDA for Predictive Analytics

Unit 3 | Week (9 - 12)

  • Introduction to R/Python, Binning, Standardization, Normalization
  • Type Conversion, Merging
  • Normal Curves, Central Tendency and Outlier Detection
  • Dimensionality Reduction: PCA, SVD approaches
  • Handling Missing Values (K-NN, MI, Clustering etc.)

Data Pre-Processing

Unit 4 | Week (13 - 16)

  • Data Exploration - Histograms, Bar Chart, Box Plot, Line Graph, Scatter Plot
  • Data Storytelling - The Science, ggplot, Bubble Charts with Multiple Dimensions, Gauge Charts, Treemap, Heat Map and Motion Charts

Data Visualization in R / Python

Unit 5 | Week (17 - 20)

  • Why Linear Regression Fails and Logit Function
  • Approach: Model Estimation, MLE & Error Function, Optimization through Gradient Descent for finding parameters
  • Constructing Logistic Regression, Diagnostics
  • Interpretation and Applications
  • Case Study 1 - Predict employee attrition in a large organization.
  • Case Study 2 - Predict whether the customers will buy a life insurance policy using a large insurer's past customer data.

Discriminative Statistical Models: Logistic Regression

Unit 6 | Week (21 - 24)

  • Approach: Model Estimation, MLE & Error Function, Optimization through Gradient Descent for finding parameters
  • Constructing a Linear Regression, Diagnostics
  • Interpretation and Applications
  • Case Study 1 - Help a digital media company understand why their viewership is falling and propose recommendations to increase viewership
  • Case Study 2 - Create a model to understand the factors that influence car prices in the US.

Linear Regression

Time Series

  • Regression on Time.
  • Modeling Seasonality as Deviation
  • Statistician's Approach: Components of a Time Series and Estimation Methods
  • Smoothing: Moving Average, Weighted and Exponential Moving
  • Holt Winters Method
  • Box-Jenkins and ARIMA
  • Case Study - Forecast gold prices using past 30 years data.

Unit 5 | Week (17 - 20)

Decision Trees

  • Rule Based Knowledge: Logic of Rules, Evaluating Rules, Rule Induction and Association Rules.
  • Construction of Decision Trees through Simplified Examples; Choosing the "Best" attribute at each Non-Leaf node; Entropy; Information Gain, Gini Index, Chi Square, Regression Trees.
  • Generalizing Decision Trees; Information Content and Gain Ratio; Dealing with Numerical Variables; other Measures of Randomness
  • Pruning a Decision Tree; Cost as a consideration; Unwrapping Trees as Rules Oblique Decision Trees
  • Oblique Decision Trees
  • Case Study - Predict whether a customer will default on loan or not

Instance based learning

  • K-NN method, wilson editing and triangulation
  • K-NN in collaborative filtering, digit recognition


  • Methods of Ensembling (Stacking, Mixture of Experts)K-NN in collaborative filtering, digit recognition
  • Bagging and Random forest (Logic, Practical Applications)
  • Ada Boost
  • Gradient Boosting Machines

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Our Mentors

Prateek Agrawal

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Eeshani Agrawal

Raju Kumar Misra

The co-founder of Adorithm a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based startup, along with B.Tech from IIT Delhi.

He had donned various hats of a business advisor, Analyst, Consultant etc. utilizing his statistics and analytics knowledge and expertise for various global business clients.

The founder and Director of Ivy Professional School. He has got several years of exposure in global business practices related to Consulting, Analytics, & e-business domains.

He meritoriously earned his Masters’ in Management of Information Systems from the esteemed Texas A and M University in the US.

The Director of Ivy Knowledge Services, bringing over 7 seven years of Project Management expertise.

She had earlier directed the Client Relations for Ivy Professional School. Eeshani holds an MS in Civil Engineering from Texas A and M University in the US.

A consultant and corporate trainer for Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Authoring two books on Data Structures and on Big Data already, he was a proud achiever of the Motorola medal for being the best graduate student of IISc 2010.

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Eminent Teacher and lectures who have vivid industrial experience has guide us through rigorous modules of data analytics. Nice placement support and strong alumni of IVY will help to build a good career in data analytics. Best of luck to all of you.

Ramit Podder | Cognizant

Very professional and organised.The faculties are well versed in analytics and provide hands-on training.They provide a conceptual understanding of analytics with a lot of case studies and practical training.

Monica Nandagopal | Beroe Inc

Pay us full fees of 1,50,000 + GST upfront.

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Prepaid Payment

Pay us full fees of 1,50,000 + GST upfront.

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Prepaid Payment

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