Is it still worth studying R in 2021?

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What is R?

R is a programming language that comes long back from 1995. Created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the Auckland University, New Zealand, R is an open-source language that extends its uses for statisticians and data scientists. They are the ones who create and develop applications based on statistics and R helps them to program those applications. In addition to that, R is also used in a lot of machine learning algorithms.

Why was R preferred as a language by data science professionals?

R started getting a lot more popular as machines began to understand the language for data processing. It became one of the most preferred languages for data science professionals in the early stages. Data Science with R was one of the most exciting and important practices done by data scientists. It became one of the most sought programming languages as there was no need to purchase a license for using R software.

There are various reasons why it is the preferred language of data professionals. One of the biggest reasons for R to become one of the favourites was that one would not need to purchase any license for using R software, as it is available free of charge on the internet. In addition to that, it allows one to use it on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc. You can create objects, functions and packages using R. Being an open-source platform, R allows you to look at the source code, add new features, fix bugs, integrate with other programming languages such as C, C++, and most importantly interact with data sources and statistical packages such as SAS, and SPSS.

The availability of R packages makes it different from the other languages. There are thousands of packages available to perform exceptional tasks, and the R package system also allows you to add your own functionality, which is somewhat identical to the central part of R.

What is the reason for its popularity?

The strength of the programming language majorly lies in its community. The stronger and larger a community of a programming language is, the more help and support you would likely get. Support is a crucial attribute in the programming world. The role of the developer community is to provide help to the other developers and receive inputs from them as well. In addition, the larger the developer community is, the more will be the developers developing some useful tools to make the development easier in particular programming languages. Fortunately, R has a very strong and dedicated community for consistently making improvements. R is an excellent tool for visualization and can help to create detailed visualizations like ggplot2, lattice, leaflet, plotly, and RGL, to name a few. With these packages, you can design high-quality graphs. It also helps to create interactive web apps.

Why are people confused about using R and its applications, and what is its biggest competition?

R has its biggest competition in the name of Python. Python maintains a good balance between usability and user-friendliness, with streaming giant Netflix last week revealing it uses the programming language extensively, including for statistical analysis and to help it carry out machine learning. Backing up Python’s dominance, a Kaggle survey found that now Python was the most commonly used language by data scientists in their jobs and by far the most popular choice for a language to learn if you’re interested in machine learning. It also earned the name of the fastest-growing language. That said, it’s important not to overstate the decline of R because there are still plenty of indications that R is widely used in data science and for statistical analysis.

So, we know that learning R is definitely going to help someone who wants to learn about data science and wants to go into its research. With powerful basics and a deeper understanding of programming languages, R is still one of the favourites for veteran data scientists when it comes to Data Analytics.

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