What is Analysis Paralysis?

As ‘policy paralysis’ becomes the latest euphemism used by our ingenuous Indian politicians, it reminds me of the synonymous jargon used within many analytics mature organizations – ‘analysis paralysis’. This is simply a polite way of referring to the state of over analysing, so much so that the process of decision-making freezes (or paralyses) and the business operations are affe

Avoiding gridlock with high-performance analytics

At IVY, we have students and mid-career professionals enhancing their knowledge base with the Analytics and IT Programmes. They come from different streams, industries and work areas. It is our constant effort to innovate, educate and empower our Programme participants with the latest in analytics jargon, industry usage and application areas.

It was th

Decoding Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence

Why did it happen?

Will it happen again?

What insight does it offer?

What happens if changes are made?

These are questions typically asked during the process of Business Analytics.  Business Analytics uses a pre-established method to find patterns and relationships, to gain insights, to forecast future outcomes and conduct experiments to test decisio

Why is SMAC the buzzword of 2014?



The SMAC technology / business model

While Big Data was the predominant buzzword through 201

Top 10 pairs of Analytics terms unplugged

Data Analytics helps to gain actionable insights for smart decisions and strategic business outcomes.