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Winner of Hackathon-Santanu shares his Mantra of Success

We had written about one of our students Shan who won a Hackathon Contest. He shared with us his experiences as a Data Scientist and what is his “Mantra”of success.

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Excerpts from Interview:


Analytics Crossword – Brain Tickler! – II

Tickle your brains with our Analytics Crossword Puzzles .

Winner for the Statistics Crossword (Easy) – @Debarun Sengupta. Congratulations!

Get ready for the next round Folks. here it is –Stats Intermediate


Analytics Crossword – Brain Tickler!

Tickle your brains with our Analytics Crossword Puzzles .

Rules of the game: 

>We will take up a Subject/Topic that will have 3 crossword puzzles ranging from Easy, Medium to Tough.

>Whoever responds 1st to the puzzle (given that his answer is correct) will be declared the winner.

>There will be separate winners announced for fastest and c

Brain Tickler 1: Answer this!

What is the role of Analytics in the “working of a Smart AC”? Can you describe the process?

Crack the answer to this and let us know!

We shall post the answer in 2 days.

Till then, Keep your cool!

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