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Opening for Sr Statistician

1. Role: Sr Statistician

2. Location: Gurgoan

3. Qualification:MSc in (Bio) Statistics from a recognized institution (like e.g. Indian Statistical Institute), MPhil a plus

4. Industry Type: Finance

5. Experience: 4 years

6. Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide scientific statistical input to development plans and to project planning
  • Provide study design recom

Opening for Business Analyst

1. Role: Business Analyst

2. Location: Bangalore

3. Qualification:Masters degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or related field of study and 2 years of experience as Web Analyst for Digital Analytics or related role

4. Industry: CRM/CallCentres/BPO/ITES/Med.Trans

5. Experience: 2-5 years

6. Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and create customized scorecards, anal

Data Visualization Using Excel Dashboards

What is Data Visualization?
It is the presentation of the data in pictorial form. Data when presented in form of graphs rather than tables helps us to get the insights quickly. Patterns, trends and correlations which might go undetected in tables can be easily recognized through the data visualization tools.

The most commonly used Data Visualization tools are:

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Urgent Opening for Statistical Modeling Analyst / Business Analyst (Analytics) – Kolkata / Bangalore / NCR

Exclusively for Ivy’s students.

Role: Statistical / Modeling Analyst Or Business Analyst (Analytics)
Education Required: B.Tech (From reputed college), M.Sc. Eco / Maths / Stats, or MBA in Finance (preferred) from a reputed college with decent academic credentials and preferably knowledge of Finance.
Professional Experience:

Risk Agents

The lowdown :
An actuary is an expert who applies statistical and mathematical methods to assess financial and other risks relating to various contingent events such as mortality, sickness, injury, retirement and property loss from theft, accident, fire or any other hazard. An actuary uses data analysis for valuation of financial products in the fi

Market Research Analyst – Career Information

What do they do?

Market research analysts gather information that affects potential sales of products and services that are available to consumers. They use statistical data that is available from businesses and organizations from previous sales to help predict the outcome of future sales. Analysts also gather data from competitors and research prices, sales, marketing techniqu

Use Social Networking Sites to get a job

Today, almost everyone who is connected to the Net, is present on at least one networking website, be it Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. For workaholics, the most popular professional networking site is LinkedIn.

According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index 2011, which covered 97,000 people across 30 countries and 2,000 people in India, about 35% of the respondents in the country scoured socia

The Mail Order

Did you know that while writing an email to many people within the workplace, the addresses have to be in the hierarchical order? Have you been at the receiving end of the unforgiving ‘Reply All’ tab? Or been horrified to see the unfortunate typo for luck? If you have checked in yes to at least one of the questions you need to brush up on your email etiquette.

Stick to the Poi

Web Analytics As A Career

The world wants to be online, but only a handful of people understand the medium in depth. The art of understanding the intricacies of web is the key to develop your business on the ever-changing platform. This requirement has created a whole new career option for web enthusiasts who understand the platform well and know how to draw out the right analyses based on web trends.

A web analy