What to choose? R Vs Python..Part 3


We’ve covered 2 blogs in this series of R Vs Python. the 1st one talking about the differences  in terms of the history, data handling capacity, speed and ease of learning of the two tools. the 2nd one talking about the purpose, Integrated development environment and the flexibility between the 2 tools. The last bit that gives you definite answers to your question- Which tool to learn – R or Python.

Popularity Popularity of R is growing with years, thanks to the vast library it has. Ranked among the top 5 languages, Python due to its general purpose nature, seems as an ideal choice for many.
Purpose of use Statistical modelling, Graphical modelling, analysis. General purpose coding, scripting, IoT, better productivity, Speed.
Used By Statisticians, Analysts Programmers, Website developers, Analysts
Salary Scale Average pay is 4.5 LPA Average pay is 5 LPA
Code Repositories Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) is a huge repository with more number of packages as compared to Python. Python Package Index (PyPi) is the repository of Python package consisting of libraries.


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