Analytics Start ups in Bangalore

Start ups is the buzz word in “Digital India”. Combine the 2 buzzing ingredients, Analytics and Start ups, what you get is a much sought after recipe of success.


Here is the list of the Data Analytics start ups in Bangalore that you can look at:

Recommendation Engine with Big Data Analysis of Consumer Behaviour

2. Compassites software solutions
Cloud computing, Big data Analytics, consumerisation of IT, Technology consulting

3. Fitrrati
Fit technology solution for fashion brands and e-tailers

4. iRiff
Mobile plan discovery and recharge

5. Paststat
Stock screener with single click back test

6. Frrole
Social data as a service for Media an Brands

7. Kavaii analytics
Healthcare Analytics and HER on the cloud

8. Mesh labs
Enterprise Text analytics Software capabilities

9. StorNetware Systems
Cloud in a box

10. Healthernet
Cloud based patient centric EMR platform tailored for simple and real feedback from

11. Qurater
Social media Ad targeting

12. Applicate IT Solutions private
Sales and marketing accelerator mobile solutions for enterprises

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