Featured ‘Start-up of the month’- Ideal Analytics, Kolkata-Paris

With ‘the cloud’ being widely adopted for both visualising and analysing data in a single dashboard, it is time to identify a promising and fast-growing  start-up that inspires with its innovative analytics solutions in the cloud.

This month, we feature a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) start-up that brings in a new dimension to analytics with its cloud based analytics-on-demand solutions. Ideal Analytics In a time when free-to-use or download services are a rarity, particularly in analytics, the platform provided by this start-up offers a powerful analytics experience for those who want to migrate to the cloud.

Already noted amongst the10 Emerging Analytics Start-ups in India to Watch in 2014 (Analytics India Magazine) and mentioned in the NASSCOM  review of start-up products to look-at, “Ideal Analytics” now features on IVY as the “start-up of the month” for its innovative analytics-on-demand products designed along various easy-to-use and deploy models .

Ideal Analytics Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Indo-French Technology Joint Venture with Corporate HQ and Office at Kolkata, India, and European Office at Paris, France. An initiative of a group of senior technology professionals, all of whom have something unique to bring to the table, the companyis all set to launch Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutionsin the current trajectory.

Barely 36 months old, the core strategic team of Ideal Analytics was founded by Late Sasanka S Ghosh and Mr. Sanjoy Chatterjee. Presently the management team comprises of Frédéric Ktorza, Sanjoy Chatterjee and Sukumar Chakraborty; bringing their diverse experiences to the domain of analytics and BI.

We asked Mr Sanjoy Chatterjee, Director of the Board and CTO,“the thoughts behind the venture, in particular, the concept of analytics-in-the-cloud”.

World of Business is going to be measured only through numbers – relative ratio or KPIs or values that would benchmark the performance of Business from various perspectives.

Every decision maker in any level of operation would like to have their business evaluated transparently compared to competition and related industries. We wanted to provide a platform to every business person and empower them as analysts of their business on-the-fly, sifting through various alternatives and dealing with huge data without any headache of managing the data storage, structure, format and hardware platform. An analyst needs to work from anywhere, any time on any platform and yet know the outcome of analysis almost at the button speed and business-speed.

Cloud has empowered people by taking away the onus of hardware, middleware and software. Powered only by a license one needs to see the whole business health while on move. Analytics is the methodology of evaluating values quantitatively.

Your suggestions on how wannabe analytics professionals get ready for analytics in the cloud.

Analytics professionals should be familiar with the metrics of analysis, the KPIs, the dynamic or time varying metrics and the trend rate of her own operation and those of the industry and those of her group and also those of the competition as well.

Analytics professional should know what are the “facts” [measures] and the “dimensions” [qualifiers] in her business and how these values would look and are probable to look with little variations in the qualifying factors. The rest and that is getting familiarised with navigating the tool is simply a matter of couple of days of working with the data stream and data and the definite pattern of depiction and sharing with others.

On matters of understanding the business, the analysts would best work alone or in a group of business analysts and independent of any IT professional. The tool and other analytics tools are therefore personalised tools that can deal with mammoth data simply through cloud access.

How ready are users (in India) for an Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) subscription model?

Any new idea surprises users. But the very first experience is exciting and researchers and analysts would like to get excited with their work, where they can learn things in a new and better way. A service subscription model (SaaS) amazes analysts because they can know everything on-move and from anywhere anytime. This is the best practice that has evolved through the technology-of-state.

Your views on why analytics professionals opt for a move to the cloud from the desktop.

This is the future. Desk analysis is a matter of passé. Analysis would be undertaken on the point-of-transaction [POT]. Analysts are not looking forward to carrying the baggage of data along with.

Cloud reassures the analysts of the security involved. Because data rests in cloud safe and sound and one simply accesses them from anywhere. Data integrity is assured and analysis takes place also in the cloud , the analysts however can share the depictions over the Cloud again with anyone she can connect through the net or the cloud.

How do you see India as a research and analytics market 3 years down the lane?

India has already shown signs of Cloud hub. With more and more speed amelioration in the backbones and with India’s capability of own satellite communication India is all equipped to face the next revolution – the “Cloud Era”. India is teaming with professionals in analysis and mathematics, India will have Business researchers and graduates and data scientists in every industry, in every firm. The love of Indians for data acquisition and research and mathematical acumen in handling numbers is well-known and that particular trait would take Indians to higher echelons at exponential rates.

Would user conferences benefit data analytics users and providers?

User conferences always help to spread the familiarity and awareness. They are always helpful if they make the users go through some hand on familiarization sessions.


Mr Sanjoy Chatterjee, additionally Co-Founder and CTO at Ideation Technology Solutions, is a seasonedIT professional who has made a steadfast rise from being a hands-on engineer to an entrepreneur. His acumen in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions with a very special practice of Data Analytics product solutions, coupled with technical hands-on involvement down to the atomic level, makes him a cutting edge technology evangelist and strategic consultant.

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