Why is Statistical Software R in the news?

If you have started training on R statistical software, you will be delighted to know that R is everywhere in the news. Whether it is about the use of  R in every sphere of work or life from sports to research and analytics; or enterprise-wide application of R; or job prospects and salary markers for R skills – the analytics, data, social science and IT industry is abuzz with talk about ‘R’, the statistical language of computing.

R skills attract the highest salaries

To begin with, salary surveys taken by the 2014 Dice Tech Salary Survey have shown that R language skills attract some of the highest salaries. 

According to Computerworld

“Nine of the top 10 highest paying IT salaries are for skills related to big data, says the tech career site. At the top of the list is R”.

What does this mean for a student or professional learning R?

The additional skill at R equips the student with the latest skill across various domains like statistics, econometrics, data science, analytics, IT, programming or even marketing – all of which translates into potential of higher entry level salary or a better salary / position jump for those already in the job.

The 3.0.3 version of R is released

As on March 3rd, the latest version of R has been released .   Not many significant changes, although some bugs have been fixed.

If using the previous version, this is how you can upgrade.

Download the latest version from here. Alternatively, Windows users can upgrade with the installr package.

# installing/loading the package:

if(!require(installr)) {

install.packages(“installr”); require(installr)} #load / install+load installr


Popularity of R continues to grow

Surveys by two premier question and answer sites for professionals, Stack Overflow and GitHub, have indicated R language has gained further in popularity during this quarter  as a statistical analysis language.  With the rising graph continuing consecutively over last 3 quarters, this is an indication towards demand for R skills just as it means R is here to stay a long time.

Release of ‘Revolutions R Enterprise 7’ integrates cloud-big analytics-marketplace

An earlier blog on why learning R is important  explored the ability of R statistical software to be paired with other software environments like Hadoop and SAS.  

A good example of such an integrated product leveraging R skills for  Big Data analytics-in-the-cloud is the ‘Revolutions R Enterprise 7′ offering for the marketplace. This allows users to “perform statistical analysis and advanced analytics on data sets” stored in a cloud based Marketplace like Marketplace.

So if you have begun learning R, you can be assured that your R skill will most definitely be of wide use, irrespective of what  line of work you opt to make your career in.

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