What are the Analytics opportunities in Kolkata?

If you are looking for analytics opportunities in Kolkata, you couldn’t be getting luckier. The Kolkata analytics landscape has begun looking up, with plenty of opportunities waiting for the one wanting to make it big and fast in the analytics industry.

Why Kolkata  is fast emerging as a hotspot for wannabe analytics professionals?

#1. A shift from ‘only’ big hirers to mid-size firms and institutes

While the customary analytics hirers continue with their hiring; new hirers have come into the picture widening the scope for students of analytics. From mid-size firms to research institutes, it seems that anyone working with data is scouting for analytics talent. So your chances of getting hired at Kolkata is getting better.

#2. Work experience requirements scaled down

While earlier the work experience required was a minimum of 5-6 year experience, in the current scenario where demand for analytics professionals far outweighs the supply, hirers have scaled down their requirements vis-à-vis experience. Most hirers have a 2-3 yr work stipulation, often willing to overlook this if the applicant has a whole lot of software skills, programming and excellent communication ability. The focus is on software savvy (SAS, R, MS Excel, Oracle, SPSS) and data science. So if you have a good CV and have mastered several analytic tools during your analytics learning, you stand a good chance in the Kolkata analytics hiring spectrum.

#3. BPO expansion in Kolkata

This is great news for analytics and data science students. As several BPO firms with offshoring services expand their Kolkata set-up – the demand for both entry level and mid management professionals are on a rising curve, with possibilities of large scale hiring and campus recruitments in the future.

#4.  A lateral shift from conventional analytics roles to emerging analytics deliverables

While earlier the analytics roles were conventional, like risk, finance, data, the trend is towards new analytics deliverables like text mining /analytics, keyboard analytics, health care, web analytics, data research science, quality analytics, MIS analytics or research analytics to name a few. So you have a wider choice of industry verticals and horizontal solutions to suit your interest areas and expertise.

#5. BPOs, Analytics firms and IT companies setting up new offices at Kolkata

Start-ups, IT companies and BPO organisations have realised the benefits of setting up offices at Kolkata, where analytics talent pool is fast emerging. With this promising analytics scope in Kolkata, you no longer have to look outside Kolkata to chart your career in analytics. What’s more, you can reap the benefits of a new office – which offers both, the scope of learning more and climbing faster up the analytics ladder to command a fat salary.

#6. Improved Analytics awareness:

Although people around you may still raise their eyebrows at the word ‘analytics’, there is an increasing awareness amongst companies, organizations, health care units, retails, research institutes and SMEs (small to mid-size enterprises), that analytics is inevitable where there is data. Even government departments have woken up to the fact that analytics delivery is a must-do, and have begun outsourcing requirements, while research institutes have begun hiring in-house analytics team.

So, as I see it the analytics opportunity in Kolkata is getting better and better. Several schools in the city are also offering the scope of analytics learning. This is the right time to jump into the analytics profession that offers salaries higher than IT and others, WITHOUT having to move out of Kolkata.


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