Analytics Job AlertA funded peer to peer lending startup, which is growing aggressively, is looking for a Business Analyst / Data Analyst as per the details given below (very good opportunit

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You are hunting for a job and you ended up applying for a whole lot of Analytics jobs!

Whew! What next? Interview! Yes that’s what’s coming. Are you prepared?

At Ivy Pro School we

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Companies using R

reativity is Intelligence having fun (2)

“R is a language and environment for statistical computing and design.” It has brought about revolution in the Big data Analytics space due to its extensive variety of

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Location: India

Skills: Actuaries

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The Times of India agrees that Data Scientists are now earning more than Chartered Accountants or even Engineers.

According to a recent article published in the TOI – “Data scientists with around 5 y

summer Analytics

In case you have been very busy all round the year and are now looking to upgrade your Analytics Skills this summer, this is your opportunity!

Join the Data Science Summer Analytics Programme at Ivy®


Our webinar on the 5th of may was suitably used by many students and working professionals to ask their Analytics related questions and get their doubts cleared about career options in Analytics. Do take out time to read this valuable insight.

Business Analytics Industry & Career Opportunities

Analytics Gartner defines analytics as a process by which ins

Thanks Arpendu for attempting the expert crossword on Statistics! You were very close to the answer! Just replace Onetoone with Monotone! Congratulations!

Next up- the Excel crossword! Let’s see who answers first! Its Easy

excel easy

Featured start up of the month

HyperVerge was founded by a five-member, Ex IIT Madras team of  Kedar Kulkarni, Vignesh Krishnakumar, Kishore Natar