Winning Entry : The Data Ninja Hackathon

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And the winner is………

Well, not so fast. The combination of GOT & Analytics turned out to be pretty exciting. We received a massive no. of entries and appreciate the efforts of all the participants. Data Visualization experts at IvyPro had a really difficult time choosing the best among all the entries. For all of you who tuned in now please see below:


Fast Facts :

  1. This Hackathon was exclusively held for all Ivy students both present and ex-students and the winner walks away with a cash prize of Rs.5000.

  2. A chance to test data visualization skills using any visualization tool. All that was needed was to create a cutting-edge dashboard and answer a few simple questions.


The winning dashboard:


Our experts loved the approach taken by the winner. The dashboard was hosted on the cloud on built from scratch using R Shiny.

We decided to give you all a glimpse into the perfectly analyzed and cutting-edge dashboard.


  • Screen time analysis and the lead character analysis for each season and house




  • Analysis of the importance of characters




  • Effect of Death of a character on rating


Although relevant data was not available for this Analysis, the death of the characters were very cleverly analysed in a true blue Analyst style.



  • Season wise rating and viewer analysis






And the award for the Best visualization goes to Tista Nath.  Tista has a background in Statistics and is a Data science enthusiast. Congratulations Tista !

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