The V-Day Analytics

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And our love for analytics can’t keep us away from its thoughts. While Gen-Y and dating couples are busy gearing up themselves to show love in every possible way,
Big Data Analytics takes the leap to bring an end to their confusions.

Millennial Love it is!

Well, time for beauty appointments, booking restaurants, checking the correct dress, buying flowers and gifts! With so much to do on your to-do list as V-Day approaches, Big Data brings to you a wide range of solutions.

Be it e-commerce with multiple websites, m-commerce with a number of mobile apps or beacons in malls, all sync with Big Data to change the way we celebrate love.

Data Analytics, while capturing previous purchases help curate them to provide you with the aptest prediction aka recommendation systems!


Smart Analytics, Smart you!

Not only does Big Data Analytics allow to make smoother purchases, it also ensures that you make the right choice when it comes to expressing love to your dear ones. Options like category, sort and filter help you make smart and correct decisions, saving your time, money and effort.

Delighted Singles! 

Data does not believe in discrimination and so it makes sure that the singles do not feel disheartened on this day.

Online dating and dating portals are the solutions to their sore hearts. These sites, as soon as a person registers himself, capture their details and based on their behaviour, likes, search histories and browsing patterns help to filter out less likely while narrowing down to most compatible pairs.

As Data Analytics starts to play a vital role in providing solutions with social media, mobile technologies, IoT, it has helped retailers with innovative solutions while also facilitating consumers with wiser purchase decisions.

Move on from simple Teddy bears and flowers! Data Analytics has indeed transformed the way we express love forever!

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