The latest buzz in Indian Analytics industry – March 2015

Analytics maturity in India climbs new rungs of opportunity, as it gets tied to cricket, beauty pageants and news distribution. Personalisation knocks on your living room with customised ads on your TV set and tailor-made news in your local language on your smart phone.

Takes you back to this quote;

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity – Ayn Rand.

Acquisitions, Partnerships & Expansions

# Bangalore based regional news aggregator NewsHunt, has acquired the mobile analytics company Vauntz. This will help it to publish finely tuned, targeted and personalised content to users in local languages. NewsHunt also plans to develop apps that will distribute personalised videos and audios with regional content.

# British-Australian mining corporation, Rio Tinto, has unveiled its Analytics Excellence Centre in Pune, to improve equipment productivity across its global operations.  A world-first for the mining industry!

New launches – start-ups, services, vendor products, apps

#Ahmedabad based software company ElegantJ BI, has launched version 4 of its BI suite, with easy-to-use API integration for 3rd party applications.

An easy-to-use API through web services and Java script, embeds ElegantJ BI dashboards, reports, KPI and graphs into other vendor applications or in-house applications; for fast, affordable implementation and mobile access.

# TCS has launched a smart phone application that allows users to track, analyse and visualise Twitter conversations. Devised for the oncoming UK General Election,  the ‘ElectUK’ app will engage voters, their representatives and political commentators, turning the  smart phone into a Big Data social media analytics tool.

# Gurgaon based SilverPush, has introduced an innovation for ad analytics leveraging its cross-device expertise. It moves beyond the conventional impact measurement of TV commercials to retargeting the TV viewers on mobile.

“The company uses a sophisticated deterministic modelling to identify the multiple devices associated with a single user and maps his/ her demographics and behavioural property into a unique id. “

# Tableau Software is introducing six new features to its latest BI suite making data visualisation easier. Data preparation, query performance, admin views and a smarter, map functionality are the features introduced.

The Indian analytics landscape with a head start in IT, is all set to rock across verticals and application scenarios. As start-ups continue to make news, the analytics professionals can look forward to challenging and lucrative times ahead.

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