Latest Trends in Analytics Hiring

In a fast-evolving analytics landscape, analytics hiring is on a steep curve – increased by more than 80 % over the past year!

Let us examine what is trending with respect to analytics hiring:


Who are currently the top analytics hirers?

Dunnhumby, Sapient, Cognizant, Reverse Logistics, Infoexcel Consulting, Genpact

Which employers offer competitive packages?

Flipkart, Fractal, MuSigma, Dell, Cognizant, JP Morgan Chase, Genpact

Which practice areas / industries are hiring the most?

eCommerce, Retail, BPO, KPO, ITES, LPO, Niche analytics (Social media, Data mining) Banking & Financial, Management Consulting, Pharma

Which areas/ sectors have made a recent entry in Analytics hiring?

Clinical Research, Automobiles, Customer Science, Supply Chain Logistics, Telecom, Operations Research, Aviation

Government Departments – National Institute for Smart Government, Income Tax Department, Customs & Excise, National Informatics Centre, Agriculture, Fisheries, Regulators (SEBI, RBI)

Universities, Research wings of Organisations

Analytics and Data vendors


What job roles are the most advertised?

Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Mining Specialist, Manager – Retail / Customer / Marketing Analytics, SAS Analyst, Statistical Analyst

What job roles are in high demand across industries?

Experts in Big Data Analytics, Fraud Analytics, Digital Analytics, Customer Analytics, Cloud and BI, SAS Modelling

Analytics Consultant, Lead-data Visualization Specialist, Data Miner – Big Data, Strategy Consulting

Which are the newly defined job roles?

Experts / Managers in Perceptive Analytics, Product and Pricing Analytics, Compensation Analytics

Quants, Sports Data Scientist

Which job roles have good potential in 2015 and beyond?

Big Data Analytics, Retail and Customer Analytics, Cloud and BI Analytics, Digital Analytics, Fraud Analytics, Operations Research, Supply Chain

Big Data Mining Specialists, Data Scientists


In terms of earning potential, professionals who are conversant with more analytical techniques, machine learning and software, occupy a unique position to command top salary packages and job roles.

  • Entry level jobs = Salary + Bonus

Students with excellent soft skills and domain knowledge are in a position to secure competitive entry jobs.

  • Salary + Bonus + Profit sharing

Experience in niche practice areas, development and Big Data streams are high grosser.


What skills are most sought?

SAS, SPSS, R, Big Data, Excel, Hadoop, SQL, PowerPoint, Tableau

Soft skills

Data Management / Modelling, Algorithm Development, Dashboard Development, Predictive Analytics, Logistic Regression, Developing

What technical skills command best salary packages?

Big Data, Cloud, R, Hadoop, Tableau, BI, Data Mining, Statistical techniques

Preferred Soft skills

Client facing, presentation, analytical / logical thinking, project management, team player


Which cities currently lead in analytics hiring?

  1. Bengaluru/ Bangalore
  2. Gurgaon
  3. Delhi
  4. Mumbai /Bombay
  5. Hyderabad / Secunderabad
  6. Noida
  7. Chennai
  8. Pune

(listed in order)

What is the hiring trend at Kolkata?

Start-ups, Corporate houses – ITES, B&FS, KPO, BPO

BI, Retail, Web, Big Data-GIS, Social Media, Text Analytics


Note: These are trends reflected during this last quarter of 2014 and may/may not be the same as previous or oncoming trends

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