In the given scenario, India continues to struggle to keep up with the growing demands of talent supply required. This very problem gets intensified with non-availability of academic institutions imparting KPO skills or courses to bridge the gap. The competition for Indian KPO companies become stiffer with emergence of other destinations like China, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Philippines that have evolved and carry competencies to execute certain KPO tasks. All these destinations become strong prospects and present threat to Indian KPO market share as they offer advantages like suitable location, low cost, domain expertise, and data compliance.

Further, Indian companies in the KPO sector are finding it difficult to not only source right manpower, but also retaining these prospects. This means not only high recruitment cost, but also comparatively higher training budgets. A number of times there is a deadlock for long duration during recruitment cycles affecting productivity and efficiency of companies. All this makes it very tough for companies in the KPO industry to scale their operations.

Such challenges require companies to broaden their reach to each possible avenue, without compromising on quality. Further, companies need to take initiative and put a check on shortage of talent supply. This means they need to participate and create platforms whereby they not only are able to source right talent but also are able to interact and spread awareness about the company and prospects within the KPO industry to the job seekers.

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