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If you remember the Star Wars movies, there were two sides of the Force. The light side and the dark side. In the world of hacking, ethical hacking is considered the light side of hacking. Why?

Because ethical hackers use their skills and abilities for a constructive matter. Their intention is to offer adequate protection to their clients and assure them that they will be safe from hacker attacks. But it isn’t easy to become a certified ethical hacker. You need to gain some reputation along with work experience in security field.

What Is Ethical Hacking?

They dedicate their skills to serve their clients. Instead of spending long nights inside obscure rooms filled with computers looking for some victim, they work inside corporations, finding ways to protect the networks and computer systems.

Who Does This?

A hacker is a person who finds enjoyment in increasing the capacity of any device. When the personal computers appeared, hackers turned their attention to them and a new underground was created. Unfortunately, bad elements within the community and criminal organizations have given a bad reputation to this group. Among the public opinion the media is widely responsible for reporting crackers as hackers. Their lack of knowledge on means adopted by hackers and crackers has brought a bad name to hackers as well.

Nowadays three type of hackers can be found: white, grey and black. White hackers are those who use their knowledge for selling their services to clients who want to protect their networks. Black hackers (also known as crackers) are the ones who attack those networks and try to make some money out of it.

Grey hackers are more ambiguous. They don’t do it for the money; they do it for the rush. They want to show the world and their hacker friends how good they are.

So, were does ethical hackers fall? Well, they are inside the white hackers group. But being a white hacker doesn’t transform you into an ethical hacker. There are some things that you need to do first.

What Are The Requirements For Ethical Hacking?

The first requirement is to be trustworthy. And for that, you will need to make a name. How? You need to start from the beginning: down. The first step is academic. Most of ethical hackers have written papers on this matter and published through an academic institution. This is an excellent method to show the world how preoccupied you are for computer security and that you have a desire to protect people from the dangers of the internet.


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