Happy Republi’c-oders’!

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Those who have done a lot of MS Excel surely must have come across the concept of VBA macros. No wonder too many of us it is still questioned as to why one shall need VBA when one has access to loads of inbuilt functions of office tools.

Often our task involves mundane and repetitive steps and the use of Excel, the most widely used application of Microsoft, can frustrate you. It is at this point when the application of VBA comes in handy and your life seems more blissful!

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications is a BASIC based event-driven programming language predominantly used at the backend of MS office tools. The VBA codes or macros are written in modules of the VBA editor. The macros help you to automate your Excel work like calculations, generating reports, graphing charts etc. and by doing so saves your time and energy while expanding the power of Excel at the same time. Moreover, it is an easy and flexible language using simple algorithms.

As a beginner hit the codes in your VBA editor and wait to see its miracle!

Open any of the Microsoft Office tools and press Alt+F11. You land upon the VBA editor and this where you write your programs. Every program in VBA starts with SUB and ends with END SUB.

Sub republic ()

Dim Wish As String


Wish = InputBox (“It’s 26th Jan!”)


MsgBox “A very Happy Republic Day from Team Ivy”

End Sub

Run the macro by just pressing F5.

Happy Republic Day! Happy VBA – ing!

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