Find your perfect ‘Analytics’ Job role fit! – Part 2

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In continuation with our previous blog on your Best Fit Analytics Roles, let’s talk about another set of Job Role options for Data Analysts – CRM Analyst, Pricing Analyst and Web Analyst. It is not as scary as it sounds! Read on.

CRM Analyst

In order to sustain a business customer’s experience becomes of prime importance. To strengthen and ensure long term relationship with customers, Customer Relationship Management Analyst make sure that they provide the optimum decisions to raise profitability. CRM Analysts collect data on customers like their purchasing history, a sales record, purchase type, complaints etc. and analyze it to provide valuable insight into customer’s behaviour and choices through reports on sales, marketing and customer service.

This profession is more in demand in consulting companies. In addition to strong analytical skills and database handling, CRM Analyst’s should have prior experience in marketing, customer relation and market research.

 Pricing Analyst

The role of a Pricing Analyst involves developing pricing strategies and plans to increase product yield. Their job requires mathematical analysis to track pricing trends depending upon the consumer’s willingness to buy, competitor’s reaction to the pricing strategy and cost-related issues.

For those who enjoy working with numbers and statistics and have strong business acumen, this domain is for them. Knowledge of data reporting, mining applications and SAP come in handy.

Web Analyst

A trending job role in Analytics is that of a Web Analyst. With millions of visitors on your website, it is important to keep track of who is visiting and what’s working or not to improve the website’s performance. A web Analyst analyzes web development cost, decides the best technology to deploy on websites and using the most updated software so that the web-related tasks can be accomplished.

A web analyst should have knowledge of techniques and principles of internet development. They should also have knowledge of web servers and their components which uses web servers like content management software and SQL databases.

Google Analytics is one most widely used Web Analytics application.

Well with the above-mentioned roles you now can be the best fit with your career line. Till then have a Happy matching!

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