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Analytics is reaching out to varied dimensions of our lives, providing us with tools and resources that help us take better and smarter decisions based on our past data which would otherwise have been left piled up unused. Startups are playing an important role in diversifying their AI-based services to different segments, be it agriculture or manufacturing or service sector. On this note, we would like to bring to you the Analytics startup of the week – Cropin Technology

Founded in 2010 by Krishna Kumar(CEO), Kunal Prasad(COO) and Chittaranjan Jena(CTO), Cropin delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agriculture sector. Based in Bangalore, its founding came when Krishna Kumar witnessed the agrarian crisis of rural Karnataka with farmers dealing with non-availability of loans, uncertain climate and pest infestations and decided to bring an end to this unpredictability.

Cropin Technology offers solutions:

–Smart farm whereby it provides complete farm management solution.

–Smart risk involves risk mitigation and forecasting intelligence.

–Mwarehouse provides packhouse solutions for traceability and compliance

–Smart sales through CRM and input channel management solution.

Its investors include BEENEXT, Ankur capital, FICCI, seeders etc. Its AI and ML-based algorithms, satellite monitoring and weather analytics ensures accurate predictions and mitigates risk involved, with a stand out feature. Farm digitization has helped to bring in traceability, transparency and predictability in the agricultural business. Data gathering through smartphone app helped increase efficiency, weather analysis and satellite monitoring have improved predictions thereby scaling up productivity.

Cropin has digitised 2.1 million acres of land benefiting 500,000+ farmers across the globe and has over 125+ clients globally. Its global clientele includes McCain, BigBasket, GPI, Sahyadri Farms, Well Spun, Organic Cotton Accelerator, Flamingo etc. to name a few. The company has had year-on-year revenue growth of 2x and crossing 3x growth this year.

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