Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari

Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari

Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari

Teachers can teach, but understanding depends on the receiver. Data enthusiasts have always found a way to enrich their knowledge of data science. When it comes to learning something new, real enthusiasts would always be a step ahead with their success story. One of our students Vishal Tiwari, who works as a research associate at Nielsen, is one such data enthusiast. 

Vishal’s Journey

Vishal finds his work to be a lot of fun because he loves his work. He loves to work with data and has found his expertise in MS Excel VBA. His journey with Ivy Professional School began while attending the classroom lectures of Ivy. Then, gradually his interest in data and analytics started to grow providing a great success story to tell.
Though he was a computer science engineer, he was someone who never wanted to limit himself to coding and always wanted to do something more exciting. That is when he came across a data analytics program and his interest found his destiny. He not only learned how to use the tools but also gained an actual understanding of the market. Through Ivy, we aim to impart knowledge about data science along with an overview of the world of data science and the career. At Ivy, we provide real-time industry examples and projects which enhance the overall learning experience of the student. 

Vishal’s Success Story with Ivy

Vishal’s experience with Ivy has been really path-breaking. He recommends Ivy to every other data science aspirant who is confused about shaping his/her career path. This is because Ivy’s wide range of data science courses are loved by everyone and is something that is well recognized in the industry. As the famous saying of George Eliot says – “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”, similarly it is never late to start afresh career in data science as it is one of the most high-paying jobs in this era. 
Ivy contributes to making a smooth transition in Vishal’s career from computer science to data science. Ivy Professional School ensures that the student understands the world of data science and finds interest in it, rather than learning it just for the sake of it. It provides a collaborative environment, where the instructors/faculties are so much more than just teachers. They believe that growth is possible in the association. They are always open available to clear the doubts of students. He was finding it a bit difficult to manage his studies along with the work, but with the help of our faculties, he was able to manage both. There were online tutorials and access to videos so that he never skipped the rhythm of the course. Hear it from Vishal on his success story here.

Consistent assistance from faculty

The rhythm is important to keep the flow of the subject and thus keeping the understanding better. He calls out one of our faculty, Eeshani Ma’am who was very helpful during his course. He finds her very inspiring and someone who does not restrict learning to the walls of the classroom. They not only teach about the subject in general but also explain the practical approach and the interview questions. He credits Eeshani for the guidance and for creating a better version of himself. Ivy Professional School couldn’t approve more of our faculties when they go the extra mile just to make their students fall in love with learning. 
Data Science has become the talk of the town with an increase in the amount of data generation. If you are such a data science aspirant or if you have any concerns regarding your career transition, we are here to help. We are a top ranked online data science institute providing premium certificate courses including accreditation from NASSCOM, Government of India (NSDC). Please reach out to us via email or call us at +91-7676882222. We will not only help you find a career but also help you clear your confusions/myths about the industry. 

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