Data Science Success Story of Arpita Ghosh

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“I had the idea of learning about data science, and that’s what brought me to Ivy”.  Arpita Ghosh, our student from Ivy Pro School, completed her master’s graduation in 2019. She has been excelling in the market research industry since then. Learning about data science and its real-life application was very intriguing for her. Thus we are writing this Data Science Success Story for our readers.

In Ivy Professional School, she learned about SQL (Structured Query Language) which is very important when it comes to data science. The urge of knowing how to use SQL when it comes to using it in data science is enough to excel on the subject. The projects by Ivy Pro School are properly structured and provided only after a couple of classes have been completed. This includes introductory classes about every subject associated with the data science course.

We provide concise examples of the workflow and the usage of the subject in different businesses. It enhances one’s confidence about the subject in its industrial applications. 

Our best teachers try to make the learning of data science engaging and fun for our students. This helps in perceiving the subject better and contributes to everlasting learning.

Watch Arpita Ghosh’s complete interview and many more success stories here.

We at Ivy Professional School thrive to provide the core elements of learning the Data Science and Analytics market and demand.

If you are such a data science enthusiast and want to learn how data science can transform your career, then contact us right away and our efficient team will help you in preparing you for your next big move. You can also reach out to us at or 7676882222. 

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