Data Science Job in 2021

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Data Science JobTips to Land a Data Science Job in 2021

Data Science is the new engine of all organisational decisions and landing a data job is a dream of many. While landing a Data Science job there are a lot of processes that one has to go through. Be it the interview, the technical/non-technical questions, everything needs certain attention of its own. However, there are other important things that need to be taken care of. Certain things, that not only require specific skills but also a lot of extra qualities. These qualities and skills will keep the aspirant updated and prepared.

There are few things that a data science aspirant might need in order to bag one of the hottest jobs in the century currently.  We have noted a few tips that would be helpful!


Networking is very important. Especially for someone who does not come directly from the analytics background. It becomes important to know industry experts in the domain. This broadens your outlook and you get to know about their exceptional work. It also helps in getting in touch with the recruiters or HR, which will certainly put you at an advantage when it comes to opportunities and guidance.

The job role of a Data Scientist or any other requirement is shared for everyone to apply. Hence, the recruiter will possibly get 300+ applications and more. The probability of a particular resume being selected is less. Once selected, you have less than 60 seconds to impress someone who has already viewed 300+ more applications.

It is better to reach out to recruiters or hiring managers on LinkedIn and engage with them for applied jobs, current and upcoming opportunities.

Creating a Portfolio

Two places where a data science aspirant could create a portfolio in order to showcase his/her data science skills, are GitHub and Kaggle. 

GitHub is one of the most recognizable online platforms where one can showcase their work on data analysis and machine learning models. It is referred to by a lot of elite organisations and recruiters as a medium of judging an aspirant’s practical knowledge. 

On the other hand, Kaggle is an online data science competition platform. Here a bunch of data scientists compete against each other to level themselves up. The higher the level, the higher becomes the chances for someone to get hired at a good CTC.


Blogging is one such skill that shows you are willing to contribute your earned knowledge to society. This is not only noble, but also shows that you are a team person and selfless when it comes to your job. This virtue will help develop and benefit your team-mates that you work with. This in turn will create a positive environment around and increase your chances of growing up the ladder.

Interview Questions and Assignments

After focusing on things above, one mustn’t overlook the importance of practicing all kinds of technical abilities. Preparing for an interview is as important as taking a life jacket. Here you can learn about the difference between a prepared and unprepared student who is interviewing in data science. There are online resources where one could find guidance along with questions & answers related to data science. 

Getting Certified

As much we tell ourselves that education matters more than certification, we cannot ignore the importance of the latter. A proper structured learning and practical industry relevant project is a must to deliver the dutes of a data scientist.

Geting certified is not only an added advantage, but also helps in creating a mark. A certified data scientist has more leverage than someone who is not having one. This is because once you are certified, you have already experienced a lot of questions and problem statements. This has improved your practical knowledge and in industries, practical knowledge is the one that will help drive business. 

Data Science Job

Ivy Professional School’s collaboration with NASSCOM is going to unlock many opportunities for data science aspirants and help towards an excellent career. This collaboration will provide learning opportunities and a joint certification by NASSCOM, the Government of India (under skill development scheme), and Ivy Professional School. The program endorsed by NASSCOM under this collaboration is Data Science& Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning Certification Course. It includes high demand tools like Python, R, Tableau, SQL, Adv Excel, VBA, etc. and you can apply here.

Ivy Professional School has been consistently ranked among the top data science and analytics course institutes since 2008. Ivy has a pool of faculties who are industry experts with 10+ years of industry experience. It aims to provide specific learning experiences that organizations are looking for in their prospective data science candidates. If you are looking to get certified in Data Science and get recognized with your skills, we recommend you to choose from our range of Data Science Certifications. You can also get in touch with us at +91-7676882222.

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