Business Analytics

Artificial Intelligence – Making breakthrough in the Public Sector


The budget of 2018 welcomes AI with the government ready to allocate $480 mn towards research, training and skill develop

Analytics trends to look forward to – 2018


Data is the New Sun!

2017 has seen the role of big data analytics grow and diversify its application into vario

Happy Republi’c-oders’!


Those who have done a lot of MS Excel surely must have come across the concept of

Data Analytics Student Speak- Saptarishi


We recently spoke to one of our ex-student, Saptarishi after he got placed in Grofers. He was happy to share with us his thoughts on his journey into analy

Raising a Toast to Ivy’s 10 Years of Success!

10 years of Innovative thinking

10 years of Shaping Careers

10 years of Ivy Pro School

A Look at ‘Ivy – 2017’

Ivy Pro School completes 10 glorious years of creating Data Science Experts and

10 Jobs Roles an Analyst can take up!

Since the beginning of the 21st century, India has witnessed various kind of changes in market and technical strategies that has left corporates and firms with the need to adopt various statistical measures in devising strategies.

Given the highly diverse fields for which Indian

10 Analytical Minds to follow!

Ronald Coase had said, “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.” Over time, many brilliant minds have come up with their innovative skills an

Technologies and Applications Inspired by Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Few technologies we think about are a reality now. The advancement in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence has led to the development of some pretty cool stuff that can’t be ignored. Hollywood has been inspiring the generation with its sci-fi movies. From James Bond to Iron Man, technologies shown are inspired by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, giving an idea of what these

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