What to choose? R Vs Python



R and Python are two of the most saught after Analytics tools in Data Science. Most people as us which tool they should learn. Both the tools, being open source have gained immense popularity. We list some key differences between the 2 for you to decide. This is the 1st of a series of such articles on R Vs Python. Stay hooked on for more.


  R Python

Created by Ross Ihaka & Robert Gentlemen, New Zealand in 1993.R is an implementation of S programming

Guido van Rossum, Netherlands in 1991. It is inspired by particularly C and ABC
Data Visualisation Developed by and for statisticians, R has great Data Visualisation features Given its general purpose touch, Python fails to match the data visualisation features of R


Data handling Capabilities R computes everything in memory and hence its capabilities are limited by the RAM size. But huge number of packages makes R as a handy tool Python uses data analysis packages for data handling. But since there is lesser constraint of memory, python has good data handling capacity

Performance of R is slow.


Python outshines R in terms of speed in majority cases.

Ease of Learning  

R isn’t easy for beginners, but not hard for those well versed in programming


Simple and readable code structure of Python makes it easier for beginners to learn

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