Amazon Interview Experience with Satyajit Pramanik

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Satyajit Pramanik

We are proud to share that Satyajit, has bagged a Data Analyst job with Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce giants in the world. Here is more to what he is excited to share about his Amazon Interview.

Q1) Details of your Amazon interview experience: Please mention how many rounds of interview you had to appear along with the topics and other details. Also, specify the level of difficulty according to you.

Satyajit: As an employee of Amazon, we have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. For that reason, I won’t be able to share the interview questions in detail. Topics were mainly covered from

  1. SQL – windows function,
  2. Recursive CTE – join.
  3. Excel – sumif countif formula application,
  4. Array concepts in excel,
  5. Power Query,
  6. PowerPivot  DAX syntax,
  7. VBA.

The difficulty level was moderately high.

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Q2) How did Ivy Professional School played its role in making a difference and helped you crack the Interview?

Satyajit: Assignments of IVY school was one of the major parts that helped to brush up my skills. Along with the CV building material that helped me to build a good CV.

Q3) A few words of advice to the current batch/students as to how to go about with the interview preparation to crack an interview with Amazon?

Satyajit: We Amazonians, try to do our everyday work based on our fourteen leadership principles and also try to find those people who have these leadership qualities. Apart from that everyone should do the assignments provided by IVY, experiment, do the real-time projects and case studies.

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We are very delighted and thankful to Satyajit for sharing his interview experience with us, so our students can also learn from his wonderful experience with Amazon.

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