5 soft skills you need to crack Analytics interviews

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A degree and analytics certification is not always enough to get you through the interview. What you need is soft skills to crack the interview for an analytics job.

The analytics industry calls for some core soft skills that often decide the success quotient of analytics jobs. This article explicitly covers on the whys and whereofs of ‘Why “soft skills” are so important in analytics…’

“Because while “hard math” is required to address the technical issues …. successful applicants will also have to demonstrate their “soft skills.””

David Leonhardi even terms soft skills as the ‘killer app for analytics’.

So you can very much expect to be screened for the potential of soft skills during your interview, as much for your math and stats proficiency!

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are basically ‘people skills’, considered as important as the hard skills required to succeed in your job. Companies seek candidates with both types of skills when hiring, for if you cannot get along or work as a team, your education or talent has not much value to the firm.

#1Communication skills

You need to display excellent communication skills. More than often, this is what clinches the decision in your favour.

Now how do you display your powers of communication in a 30 minute interview? That is the challenge that you need to address foremost to crack your analytics interview. Remember, you will be viewed from both angles, as an applicant and as a potential player in the analytics field that necessitates special communication skills. You will be judged on both verbal and written communication skills. Your body language should be confident no matter how nervous you are. Dexterity in evading direct responses to questions about salary expected and other such tricky questions, expressing your opinions as openly but ingeniously as possible – go a long way to evaluate you in your powers of communication. So you need to brush up on your verbal art of communication, for a fresh applicant can be trained at hard skills at the work site but cannot be taught communication skills that are mastered only with time and effort.










#2 Team playing

Your ability as a team player is most likely to be put to test through questions tackling real-life problem scenarios, your experiences on projects and questions aimed to judge your team-playing potential.

How to get a tick in this soft skill? Display an openness, a cross-cultural disposition, general tolerance of ideas and come across as a person who can thrive in high pressure situations as part of a team.


#3 Organisation, Clarity and Concision

These are skills that form the bedrock of the analytic role. So you may expect to be examined for these soft skills. The key to success is to be on alert, even when the interviewers will most likely attempt to get you relaxed. Display your ability of organization and attention to details from appearance, CV writing to presentation and responses.


#4 Critical thinking skills

Your ability to relate your learning to real-life problems is likely to be tested together with your skills in thinking under constraints. The key is to keep your wits together and think through things before responding clearly.


#5 Creative thinking

Your creative ability comes through your project presentation and real-world problem applications presented to you. Analytics requires constant innovation and application of divergent theories to a single problem under consideration. Reasoning and analysis with creative out-of-the-box ideation is what gives you that edge over and above the other job applicants.


So get going and hone your soft skills while you polish your CV and get ready for your interview call. Best wishes.

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