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What to choose? R Vs Python..Part 3


We’ve covered 2 blogs in this series of R Vs Python. the 1st one talking about the differences  in terms of the his

Forecasting the Relationship between Festivals and Analytics!

A relationship between Analytics and festivals – seems odd! Right? Well that’s not the case. Analytics play a huge role during festivals. Let’s visualize.

>>Festivals mean shopping. But have you ever wondered

What to choose? R vs Python… Part 2


Our last blog talked about how R can

How does Indian Railways use Data Analytics?


The 8th largest employer in the world, the Indian Railways, employs more than 1.4 million people.

What to choose? R Vs Python



R and Python are two of the most saught after Analytics tools in Data Science. Most people as us which tool they should learn. Both the tools, being ope

11 Companies in Pune hiring Business Analysts


List of current openings in Pune/Maharashtra:-

Capgemini: – Capgemini, is a French multinational information technology consulting corporation he

On Teachers Day- We’d like to share how students review Ivy Pro School!

Ever wondered what our teachers feel on 5th September when messages, mails and greetings start flowing in from everywhere? We can hardly control our smiles when our students and alumni te

Analytics and Machine Learning Startups in Pune


Analytics and Machine Learning Startups in Pune

Innovation and Ideas are all around. But it takes a lot of courage, encouragement, finance but above all a good