Why you need to upgrade your CV with skills and certifications

Today, a stand-alone degree or post-grad, is not sufficient to make you stand out in your chosen field of career.  As industries and businesses become more competitive, global and specialised, you need to keep pace with changing environments and IT systems.

If you are a fresh student, you certainly have the advantage of being familiar with emerging business models as they form part of your student projects. At the same time, mid-career professionals bring in their many years of work experience to their learning process.

Real-world knowledge is the way to go!

From understanding how to leverage social media analytics into your product upgrades or new model release to maximising the personalisation algorithm in an e-commerce model, there is plenty to learn and discover in real world scenarios.

Many softwares too have revolutionised the way analysis is done to suit business needs. While SAS and SPSS remained the dominant software in use, the flexibility of R statistical software has compelled many firms to adopt R.

What is all the hype about ‘Big Data’? Is the analytics process or modeling different for Big Data ecosystems? Do you need to re-learn your analytics for working with Big Data, or do you simply need to master the techniques of handling huge volume of data for insights in real-time?

To understand all of this and more, what you need is to upgrade your knowledge base in continuum. Much like Doctors and medical professionals do, keeping abreast of new viral diseases and outbreaks.

So how do you go about upgrading?

Check out professional career training institutes like IVY Professional School, which offers intensive campus training, as well as other modes customized to your company requirements. These are tailor-made to suit your timing and/or career. You can counsel / consult with the IVY team to find which training program would best enhance your learning curve.

What do you get?

  • You learn the software and statistical methods used in analytics.
  • You get a good grasp on the latest analytics models / techniques.
  • You are up-to-date with the current trends and practices in analytics.
  • You have excellent scope to land a good job with better salaries and entry positions.
  • If already working, you stand out in your workplace with the latest skills, software and applications. This puts you in the forefront for bigger and lucrative projects and of course, promotions.
  • With very less time and money invested, you get a certification that looks good on your CV and shortens the curve of your career prospects. You rise, shine and earn more in your chosen filed in a shorter time frame!

So what are you waiting for?

Get going and upgrade your skills to make the best of a fast-changing analytics industry.

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