What is it like – being a woman in the Analytics Industry!

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The Analytics Industry is growing at a rapid pace. So is the number of women moving into Analytics. We spoke to a few women who had started their Analytics Journey at Ivy Pro School.  As women and as analysts they spoke about the challenges and the advantages of being in this industry for women.

Women in Analytics who started their Analytics careers at Ivy-

Surangama – https://www.linkedin.com/in/surangama/

Ria – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ria-das-3ab76454/

Astha – https://www.linkedin.com/in/astha-pandey-78974218/



As a Woman in the Analytics Industry, what are the challenges?


Surangama – “It is as challenging for a man as for a woman. The Analytics Industry requires you to be updated with the latest tools and techniques for better career progression”


Astha – “It is about putting in your heart and soul in the initial years for analytics. As a woman, you need to prove that you too can put on the business analytics hat along with your fellow male co-workers.”


Ria – “I don’t find any specific challenges being a woman in the Analytics Industry. Being an Analytics professional does not limit your boundaries since it can be applied to any industry”



What are the advantages of working in the Analytics industry for women?


Surangama – “Analytics is very women friendly in its the scope of providing flexibility in working hours. I can state my example – While I was unwell for a long period of 3 months, I was allowed to work from home without any hassles. This facility may be provided in other industries only in case of maternity leaves.”


Astha – “For working mothers, the Analytics Industry is a blessing. You can work from anywhere”


Ria – “A Bank is fairly different from a business consulting organization where the ratio of men to women is higher. However, the Analytics division in my company has started hiring more women since they find no difference in capabilities. There doesn’t seem to be any gender biases in this industry allowing women to move forward”


What advice would you give to budding women Analysts?


All three had a common perspective – you should be good at what you do!

  • An Analyst should be updated with latest skills like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
  • Should “build business thinking” so that they can recommend strategies to clients post the Analysis is done and above all,
  • Should love Data.


How has Ivy helped to shape your career?


Surangama – “ Ivy has been instrumental in paving way for my Analytics Career. With an education background of BCA/MBA, I was sceptical about moving into Analytics. But with the strong basic being engrained into students, it was like a cakewalk for me.”


Astha – “Ivy provided a platform for me to enter the Analytics Industry”



Ria –  “A huge credit for starting my career in Analytics with E& Y goes to Ivy Pro School”


We thank our students for taking out the time to share their thoughts with us. We are sure that are more and more women will take up Analytics as a career option this year!


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Thank you,

Team Ivy

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