Solve the Guesstimate- How many cars would you find on Delhi roads?



The most important parts of solving a guesstimate is taking the right assumptions and solving them with proper logic. These are your subtle keys which you can use to unlock any kind of guesstimates.

A Guesstimate is most likely to be asked in an analytics interview and sometimes acts as the deciding factor for recruiters to choose the right candidates for Business Analytics positions. At Ivy Pro School we train students not only on latest data Science technologies and tools like SAS,R,Python,Hadoop,Tableau, Machine Learning but also  preparation for analytics interviews. This is where preparation on Guesstimates comes in.

One of our previous articles on ‘How to solve Guesstimates‘ talked about how to approach such problems. Lets look at a real example and see how many of you get it right!


 After the implementation of the odd-even rationing in Delhi, how many cars ply on the streets of the NCR?

We all know about the odd-even rationing in Delhi, just to brief you up:

It is a rule which is implemented to deprive half the population from a particular resource for the benefit of the entire population. The national Union territory of India has been devastated with smog in its atmosphere! For the betterment of the dwellers of the city the government has implemented this rule.

This rule had been declared around 11 months back, now there is a very interesting guesstimate which you might enjoy hacking!

DELHI NCR is the national capital city also known as the national capital territory of India. It is both a city and a union territory of India.

There are many approaches to think about this guesstimate-

The best way to find this out is deducing from the total population, and getting the answer.

Let us first start with the options of transportation for the people of Delhi.

We are concerned with the population travelling in their own cars or Uber:

Basis our assumptions, total number of cars =10, 33, 333 ply on the streets of Delhi everyday

We need to remember that recruiters are not looking for the exact answer from you, but just the method that you have used to solve a particular Guesstimate problem.

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