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Featured ‘Start-up of the month’- Nanobi Analytics, Bangalore

If you thought an ‘app store’ was just a digital marketplace for mobile apps, then you need to have a rethink. Indian firm, Nanobi Analytics, has redefined the term ‘app store’ with its cloud based BI platform offering analytic applications for use by various industries.

This Bangalore based start-up is only 11 months old, and has come up with t

Decoding the myth behind the ‘Data Scientist’

If you are anyway connected with analytics, database management, econometrics or BI, you will have heard of this new-fashioned title of the 21st century, the data scientist.

Much like the conventional scientist who researches, experiments and innovates; a data scientist is a hands-on per

How to land that perfect SAS job

Of late we have many students asking how to land a job in SAS. Interestingly, landing a job that sets you off on a SAS career path requires a slightly different roadmap than most jobs.

To begin with, know yourself.

Are you an analytical person who likes to works with stats and logic? Or has programming caught your fancy? Does the business side of client interaction excite yo

How Analytics helped Germany win the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

Who says analytics is only about facts, figures and insights? If you are smart enough, you can combine your career in analytics with unfulfilled aspirations and pleasure pursuits. In a nation gripped with a sports fever each time the World Cup happens, what other example could I give but analytics in sports?

Take for instance the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup where -time analytics was applied to

What is Analysis Paralysis?

As ‘policy paralysis’ becomes the latest euphemism used by our ingenuous Indian politicians, it reminds me of the synonymous jargon used within many analytics mature organizations – ‘analysis paralysis’. This is simply a polite way of referring to the state of over analysing, so much so that the process of decision-making freezes (or paralyses) and the business operations are affe

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – July

While the first two quarters of 2014 have witnessed plenty of analytics frenzy, the month of July has been comparatively quieter. Albeit, the continued faith in the power of analytics continues … with increased investment in analytics by vendors, angel investors, educational institutes and company boards.


# At the recently held NASSCOM Product Conclave 2014 at Ko