Top 10 Analytics Companies in Mumbai to Start Your Career


Getting mails from Job portals asking for these profiles? Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer. Do you want to know how to grab these jobs?

With Analytics becoming the talk of every person’s discussions on the search for lucrative jobs, these are a few positions each one eyes at. However, the search should not be just limited to the job titles as it is equivalently important to have the knowledge of the domain in which you expect yourself to be comfortable in and what companies provide you with the best possible option. Moreover, Bangalore and Gurgaon seem to be becoming the hub in Data Science jobs.

Mumbaikers, however must not feel dejected. In this article we share with you the top Analytics Companies you can aim at right at your disposal. Remember this is just a partial list of Companies and not an exhaustive one.

1)Fractal Analytics –

Fractal Analytics was co-founded by Srikanth Velamakanni and Pranay Agrawal in 2000 as they saw immense opportunity in the future of analytics. Their services are extended to a wide range of industries, from Consumer packaged goods, to financial institutions, to Healthcare and Lifesciences, to Insurance, to Technology, Media and to Retail.

Their major areas of analytics expertise is in Image and Video Analytics, Text Analytics, Customer Experience, Supply Chain and Forecasting.

2)Heckyl Technologies –

Founded by Mukund Mudras, Abhijit Vedak, Som Sagar and Jaison Mathews, Heckyl is a startup on its way to international expansion. It provides a platform to investors, traders and researchers delivering them financial information. They deal in News Analytics, Price Analytics and Deep Search using the technologies of visualization, sentiment analysis and predictive modelling.

3)Quantiphi –

Quantiphi is a Data Science and Machine Learning software focused company cofounded by Asif Hasan, Reghu Hariharan, Ritesh Patel and Vivek Khemani. They cater to the media industry with viewership analytics, content feature analytics etc. and to the insurance industry with Business Segmentation, Customer Churn Analyitcs etc.

They deploy the technology of Video Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Understanding and Speech Recognition.

4)Cartesian Consulting –

A global analytics services company specializing in Customer Analytics, Market Analytics and Business Analytics. Apart from these it also engages in Channel Analytics, Pricing Analytics, Reporting and Tracking. Their beneficiaries range from Retail to QSR, Financial Services, Telecom,  E-commerce and Hospitality.

5)Think Analytics –

An open culture young startup co-founded by Amit, Surya and Monish Salot, Think Analytics uses a different approach to provide analytics driven solutions from app analytics to embedded segmentation solution, credit risk scores, fraud alerts etc.

Its products like Algo 360, Appsights, Predix1, Mused etc. provide a new definition to look at analytics.

6)Hansa Cequity –

A customer driven organization, industries availing Hansa’s benefits include Bank and Finance, Conusmer Markets, FMCG, Mutual funds/ Asset Management, Insurance, Retail and E-commerce. As  a customer centric enterprise, Hansa engages in Data Management, Customer Analytics, Marketing Optimisation, Campaign Management and consulting services.

7)Brillio –

Brillio is a global technology company focused on digital transformation of Banking and Finance, Consumer goods, Media & telecom, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Utilities industries. From Big Data analytics to CRM and Digital Engineering, Brillio provides a rapid data preparation and insights platform.

8)Credence Analytics Pvt Ltd –

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Mumbai, Credence Analytics is a more finance focused organization serving Banking, Wealth Management, Asset Management, Insurance, NBFC etc. It provides end to end solutions for non-banking treasury requirements, direct customer dealing, invest management for multiple businesses and regular banking/ foreign currency banks.

9)Aureus Analytics –

Aureus Analytics is a Customer Intelligence and Experience Company delivering solutions to the Insurance industries to ensure greater retention, loyalty and lifetime value. The Customer Experience Analytics is an answer to predictions on persistency/ retention of customers, Cross selling and Up selling tactics, Claims and Frauds detection.

10)Sibia Analytics –

A Kolkata based enterprise, Sibia has its offices in Mumbai too. A boutique smart decision-enabling solution provider, Sibia serves major industry verticals of Retail, Consumer goods and E- commerce. Through its tools of Predictive Modelling, Interactive Dashboards and Forecasting, Sibia ensures solving core business concerns with greatest accuracy.

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