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Become a Data Scientist with India’s Top Data Science / Analytics Institute since 2007. Avail our unique and student-oriented Learning Management System facility. Challenge yourself through our various exciting industry specific projects and enrich your learning.

  • Avail a flexible learning experience with a blend of classroom as well our online learning facility and ensure a seamless growth of knowledge and skills.
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Business Analytics Certification Course

Becoming a Data Scientist is no cake walk. It requires a wide as well as deep knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, Programming expertise of languages like R and Python, strong SQL knowledge for data procurement, and Tableau, and Excel for data visualization.

Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai

With our Data Science and Analytics certificate course we aim to impart aspirants with knowledge and hands-on working experience in all these concepts and transform them into a confident Data Scientist.

Classroom Programs -

Online Program Available

Course Duration – 195 hours

Corporate Alliances

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Industry Endorsed Courses

Every Data Scientist must essentially be an expert in Machine Learning concepts. This comprise of various supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms established on the foundation stones of Mathematics and Statistics.

Applying these techniques to any existing problem requires sound knowledge of a robust programming language. Python is one such high in demand language.We have designed this course with the right mix of both Machine Learning and Python for the aspirants providing them with this exciting fragment into the world of Data Science.

Machine Learning with Python Certification Course

Online Program Available

Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai

Classroom Programs -

Course Duration – 30 hours

Data is in abundance and all around us. Thanks to the easy accessibility to internet. How do we leverage this huge amount of data and generate powerful insights that would impact businesses in their decision making and affect lives of millions?

If this description excites your zeal to change the course of businesses with your technical expertise and skills, then you are the perfect candidate of our Data Science and Big Data Analytics certification course. Join the upcoming program and commence this exciting journey consisting Statistics, Machine Learning, Python, R, SQL, Excel, and Big Data with several industry relevant projects to work on.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification Course

Online Program Available

Classroom Programs -

Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai

Course Duration – 230 hours

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