FEBRUARY 20, 2020


Enterprise Technology with Data & Analytics

This refers to the concept of information technology (IT) resources and data that are shared across an enterprise.



About the Webinar

We are excited to present yet another webinar related to Data Analytics. This webinar will focus on "Enterprise Technology" in terms of Data and Analytics.

We will see why is Data important to enterprises. The various challenges that the enterprises face when it comes to Data Management will also be discussed. Additionally, we will talk about a holistic view of the Data And Analytics platform.

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Regine Chan

Regine Chan, the youngest Business Analyst, the President at Investmet Banking Club and the co-founder of Generation Z and Aelixir.

A graduate from NTU Singapore, she is highly passionate about the synergy between technology and finance. She brings 6+ years of extensive industry experience working with Google, Accenture amongst others.

In this webinar, you will find the answers to these questions

  • Why is Data so Important?
  • What are the challenges enterprises typically face in Data Management?
  • How does a holistic Data and Analytics platform look like?


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FEBRUARY 20, 2020 @ 8 PM IST

Enterprise Technology with Data & Analytics


Enterprise Technology

Practices Can Make Your Organization a Leader or a Loser

Focus on the Mission

very tool has a purpose, albeit this is often ill-considered. If you know the mission profile, you can limit the choices to those tools used for those purposes and at least get closer to the optimum choice.

Users of IT tend to consume it in three ways: (A) reporting; (B) analysis; and, (C) functions.

Democratize IT Capabilities & Data

In the abstract, most people would agree that the idea that any one tool that can, ostensibly, meet everyone’s needs defies common sense and fits into the “too good to be true” category.

Minimize Customizations

It’s All About the Data

The organization that uses data most wisely will have a huge competitive advantage and to use data the most wisely, it is implicit that you must have the data. A simple statement often unfollowed.

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Sounak Banerjee

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Tanwi Swaika

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This Webinar will help you understand the How's and Why's of Enterprise Technology. Why Data Management is necessary and how enterprises face challenges in Data Management. We will also help you have a sound understanding of holistic Data and Analytics platform structure.

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