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Data Science and Machine Learning Certification

Join the Exclusive Analytics Career Acceleration Network * | 6 Months Weekend Program | For Selected Few, Apply Now! 

A first of its kind Program where talented, motivated students are encouraged to pursue their dreams of a career in Data Science by learning with us first, getting interview ready, then getting employed as a Data Scientist and later paying back*. This Program is brought by our partnership with Propelld. 

Learn with us Now! You pay us when you get a Job!*


Data Science and Machine Learning Certification

What is unique about this course?

Industry curriculum – Top companies guide us to create and deliver the best industry relevant curriculum

Providing financial independence to learn what you want before you get hired- This is especially true for students who want to learn now to get hired but want to pay when they earn!

Career Coaching – special and regular career guidance will be provided by senior corporate professionals

What Will You Get?
  • Industry Endorsed Data Science Curriculum
  • Be part of an Exclusive Network of Student Achievers
  • Be Mentored by Senior Industry Experts from Top Corporate Houses
  • Learn the Course with us Now, Pay when you start Earning
  • Get rigorous one on one sessions – CV Prep, GD Prep, Interview readiness
  • Pre-recorded Videos, Webinars and Interview Question Banks
  • Exclusive Placement Opportunities

Course Outline

Analytics Essentials


  • Statistics Refresher
  • Advanced Excel + Macro + VBA + Dashboards
  • SQL & RDBMS Concepts Using MS-Access
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Effective Interviewing Skill
  • Analytic Industry Resume Building Workshop
Industry Applicable Core Analytics


  • Importance of Data for Management Decisions
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Probability Concepts and Applications
  • Basics of Sampling and Sampling Distributions
  • Theory of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis
  • Correlation and Regression Models
  • Forecasting
  • Theory of Attributes
  • Statistical Decision Analysis
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Multivariate Analysis
Advanced Analytics using SAS


  • Base and Advanced SAS 9 Concepts
  • Advanced Analytics Modeling Techniques
    • Regression
    • Clustering
    • Factor Analysis
    • Logistics
    • Time Series Forecasting / ARIMA etc.
  • For Projects / Case Studies in SAS, please look below in the project section
Predictive Analytics using R


  • Data Handling and Visualization in R
  • Data Modeling & Statistics Refresher
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Factor Analysis & Clustering
  • Time Series / ARIMA Forecasting
  • Text Mining & Analysis
Machine Learning with Python


  • Basic Python and Linear Regression
  • Classification and Parallel Computing
  • Clustering and Decision Trees
  • Unsupervised Learning and SVM
  • Deep Learning
Data Visualization with Tableau


  • Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau
  • The Visualization Design
  • Advance Charts and Graphs
  • Data Organization and Scripting
  • Dashboards- Building/Layout and Formatting/Interactivity
  • Geocoding and Mapping in Tableau
  • Hands-on Working with Data
  • Saving and Sharing the Work
  • Integrating Tableau with R
  • Industry Projects using Tableau

Course Cost : ₹ 56,135 only

Join the Network, Accelerate your Career Now!

How to Apply


What is “Pay when You Earn”?

This is a unique financing option available to students pursuing the Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning Course at Ivy Pro where the student pays minimal interest-only payments (approx. 1% of Course fee every month) during the moratorium period which covers the course duration and an additional buffer of 1-2 months to allow students enough time to find a job. This marginal payment ensures that the loan amount does not increase for the student during the moratorium period.

Student’s repayment of the loan amount begins only after the end of moratorium period in affordable EMIs (Up to 10 months). This option provides students with much needed flexibility so that they make their payments for the course once they start reaping benefits from it by earning a salary.

How can Propelld help if I do not get a Job within the stipulated Moratorium period?

If the student is unable to find a job within the stipulated Moratorium period, students EMI obligations would be kept at minimum limit by offering the maximum tenor applicable for the product (10 months). In case the student feels that even the minimum EMI obligations are difficult to satisfy, the student can put in a request to Propelld to restructure the loan based on the payment ability of the student. Propelld may extend the tenor beyond the maximum tenor or offer longer moratorium period depending upon the situation.

Propelld bets on the inherent talent and motivation of students. As such, Propelld is invested in the future prospects of its students. In case a student does not secure a job within the moratorium period, Propelld also helps the student by targeted mentoring, door-opening and providing assistance required in securing a placement.

What documents are required to be submitted at the time of application?

The exact list of documents required for submission at the time of application could be found in the FAQ section of the Propelld website (

We encourage students to have these documents handy to be able to complete the application process with a very short time.

What is the % of fee being financed?
Propelld can provide financing up to 80% of the course fee amount.

How much do I have to pay per month?

Monthly payments will depend on whether you are offered the standard EMI option or the Pay-when-you-earn option. With standard EMI option, you fixed-monthly payments will begin shortly after you start attending the course.

For the Pay-when-you-earn option, you will make marginal interest only payments during the moratorium period. Your fixed-full monthly payments will begin thereafter.

When you are approved for a loan, depending on what option you choose, and the amount you want financing for, we’ll let you know exactly how much you have to pay per month in your loan documents.

What is the tenure of repayment?

Pay when you Earn: Up to 8 months of moratorium period + up to 10 EMI installments (Total up to 18 months)

Standard EMI financing: Up to 12 months

Who is eligible for the funding?

The criteria for loan approval for the standard EMI option is different from the criteria for the pay-when-you-earn option. We would require certain basic proofs from an individual (identity, proof of residence, bank and salary proofs wherever necessary) along with a proof of minimum academic credentials.

The exact eligibility criteria are as mentioned in the FAQ section of the Propelld website (

I am a working professional, am I eligible for the “Pay when you Earn” financing option?

Unfortunately, this option is only available for people who are not earning during the time they are pursuing the course.

However, working professionals can take our standard EMI financing option.

What if I prepay my loan? Are there any prepayment charges?
No prepayment charges are applicable. The student can prepay the loan anytime by paying off the outstanding loan amount at any point of time calculated as per the loan agreement.

How long will the application take?
If the applicant satisfies the minimum criteria for the financing options, he can apply online on the Propelld Website: and submit online the necessary proofs and documents. Once the student has submitted the loan application, it will take upto 72 hours for Propelld to communicate back to the student with the loan approval communication.

What happens if I drop out of the program
Once the loan agreement is signed between the student and the lender, the loan amount will be transferred to the institute as payment for course fees for the student. Even if the student decides to drop out of the course, loan will still be payable by the student

How do I make payments on my loan?
You make you re-payments via NACH (auto-pay from your bank). This ensures a timely repayment and students not having to worry about late payment charges.


Join the Network, Accelerate your Career Now