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Data Analytics and Machine Learning Program for IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

Join the Exclusive Analytics Program especially crafted for IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

This Program has been specially priced at Rs 12,900 /- for a program similar to our Data Science Course worth 44,500 /- for the students of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

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Data Science and Machine Learning Certification

What is unique about this course?

Industry curriculum – Top companies guide us to create and deliver the best industry relevant curriculum

Career Coaching – special and regular career guidance will be provided by senior corporate professionals

Mode of Delivery
  • Online Live Classes
  • Classroom Live Classes

  • The Classroom Live class hours will be 15% of the Total Class Hours

Course Outline

Analytics Essentials – Online Live(81 hrs)


  • Statistics Refresher Overview
  • Advanced Analysis & Reporting on Excel using VBA, Macros
  • SQL based Relational Database Concepts using MS-Access
  • Structured Thinking Workshops
  • Effective Interviewing Skills Workshop
  • Analytics Industry Resume Building Workshop
  • Ivy’s Career Center Workshops (These workshop hours are not counted towards the total duration)
Advanced Analytics using SAS 9 (Base, Advance and Stats Modeling) – Online Live+Classroom(62hrs)


  • SAS Analytics including Statistical Modelling Concepts, SAS procedures and SAS Macros
  • Industry Executed Analytics Projects on SAS
Data Management & Analysis using “R” – Online Live+Classroom (25 hrs)


  • Data Handling and Visualization in R
  • Data Modeling & Statistics Refresher
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Factor Analysis & Clustering
  • Time Series / ARIMA Forecasting
  • Text Mining & Analysis
Machine Learning with Python – Online Live+Classroom (30 hrs)


  • Basic Python and Linear Regression
  • Classification and Parallel Computing
  • Clustering and Decision Trees
  • Unsupervised Learning and SVM
  • Deep Learning

Course Cost : ₹ 12,900 /- only


An Exclusive Course by Ivy Pro School for IIT (ISM) students


When will the batch start?

The tentative batch start date is 3rd Feb.

What is the Payment process?
The complete payment of Rs 12,900 /- needs to be made before the start of the program.
What about the months when students have semester exams/internships/ semester breaks?
The classes shall not be held during semester exams/internships/ semester breaks. A reasonable time to restart the classes shall be decided as agreeable by the existing students and the faculty.
For students who finish their course at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad by April 2018?
For such one off cases, students can call us at 8584821599 for clarification.
By when will the course be completed?
The tentative completion of the course is 7-8 working months. This is subject to timely completion of projects by students. The semester breaks and examination breaks should be added additionally to this.
How long will the Class recordings be available to the students?
The students can access the Online videos on or LMS for a period of 1 year.