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Benefit for the College Ambassadors

Get Work Experience

Build Industry Network

Get Letter of Recommedndation

Show work experience in your resume supported with a certificate by Ivy Pro School.

Build professional network in high growth Data Science & Digital Tech industries.

Letter of recommendation will be provided upon satisfactory performance

Start Earning as a Student

Improve Interpersonal Skills

Free Data Science Course

Get a monthly stipend.

Build strong interpersonal, communication and organisational skills.

Top performers to get a chance to learn Ivy’s prestigious data science / data engineering courses for free

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Why College Ambassador?

The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership program that offers College students an opportunity to represent and promote Ivy Professional School to prospective students, their families, and other guests in their college.

Student Ambassadors will be able to help educate students about the courses, workshops, boot camps and achievements of Ivy through supporting the Student Life & leadership departments, conducting free classes, supporting recruitment events and course engagements.

College Ambassador Eligibility

3rd and 4th year students

B.Tech, B.E, M.Tech,

Must be with any Tech college.

IAAT Test Syllabus

What it is and how it

helps your customer.

How will your product

change your customer’s life.

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About Ivy Pro School

Ivy® Professional School (Ivy) is a pioneer in the Big Data Analytics and Data Science training in the country and is the official training partner of companies like Genpact, HSBC, eBay/Paypal, ICRA, ITC, Capgemini, Cognizant, mJunction, Lexmark Inc., etc.

Since its inception in 2007, IVY has trained over 27,000+ learners from 10+ countries, 50+ Fortune 500 clients and 100+ colleges (including IIMs, IITs, ISIs, etc.).

Career Transition Handbook

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Career Transition Handbook to Data Science. How Alumni made a career transition into Data Science. Download now.