If you can survive the grilling tests, there is a payoff – the median annual salary for an actuary is handsome. Actuaries are globally in demand and can command hefty pay packets, salaries and perks. No wonder then that this profession has been rated among the best jobs in the US.

 Actuaries are one of the highest paid professionals in the world, a freshly qualified actuary is likely to receive

Listed below are ten things you can do to become a better manager. Pick one. Do it today. Pick another one for tomorrow. In two weeks you will be a better manager.

 1. Select the best people

As a manager, you are only as good as the people on your team. Give yourself a better chance to succeed by picking the best people from the start.

 2. Be a motivator


Public speaking is an essential talent for building your business and advancing your career. And it need not be a nightmare.

If you’ve got something to say, ideas to share, people to influence, or a customer base to attract, public speaking is an opportunity ripe for the taking. You might have the best products or services and a terrific track record, but if you don’t or can’t communicate about i

The Internet was built on trust. Back in the mid 1960s, computers were very expensive and slow by today’s standards, but still quite useful. To share the expensive and scarce computers installed around the country, the U.S. government funded a research project to connect these computers together so that other research

Another study on Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sector shows a huge supply gap that threatens to cripple its growth. Rocsearch, a UK-based research services company, has gathered evidence suggesting that the KPO market may just about reach a size of $5 billion by 2010, manned by 100,000 people instead of projections of a $12 billion market supported by 250,000 employees.

This accentuates Nas

Student members have to be graduates in a major subject in mathematical sciences, such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics, engineering or actuarial sciences. In addition to Registration fee of Rs. 1,000, one has to pay examination fee for every paper they appear for and there are additional charges for study material. Exams are conducted twice a year, in May-June and October-November.


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One starting point for solving home computer security problems is being aware of how the Internet and some of its technologies work. If you know how they work, you can evaluate solutions to the problems that come up. You can also use the Internet more safely and responsibly. In this section, we’ll talk about two topics: trust and information in the clear as it crosses the Internet. This week’s

Think about the retail company that sends you coupons for products you always intended to buy on your next shopping trip, the telecommunications company that proposes a special six-month deal on bundled phone, cable television and high-speed Internet just for you, or the credit card company that offers you loyalty bonus features and spending limits which directly map to your lifestyle. Is this acc


The growth in the Indian financial market was the major reason for the spurt in the demand for actuaries. Apart from the traditional areas of life and general insurance, pension and reinsurance, actuaries are now needed to play the roles of consultants, investment advisers and risk managers as well. A number of banks are set up  joint ventures with insurance companies, which has likely  raised