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Modelling Techniques in Predictive Analytics

Analytics aims to understand the ‘why’ if you lose a customer. Predictive analytics moves beyond this to prevent you from losing a customer before it happens.

Predictive analytics supports insight, not hindsight. You discover meaningful trends and patterns in the data, and make predictions of unknown future outcomes. Using real world models that l

Why is Statistical Software R in the news?

If you have started training on R statistical software, you will be delighted to know that R is everywhere in the news. Whether it is about the use of  R in every sphere of work or life from sports to

Why learning R is important in present day context

 If you are wondering what language to learn that is going to give you value for money and time invested, that’s definitely “R”.

How to learn popular analytics tools on your own – IBM SPSS Statistical software


We wrap up this DIY (Do-It-Yourself) series for learning some popular analytics tools, with the SPSS statistical software.

IBM SPSS Statistics

Learning the SPSS statistical software is no big deal when you have a statistics and computing background.  There are some excellent resour

How to learn popular analytics tools on your own – SAS software suite

SAS Software suite

If you are planning to make your career in analytics or want enhance your CV then you need to get SAS certified. SAS is the software that forms the backbone of the analytics industry, and has today evolved as a tool for data analysis in a BI (Business Intelligence) environment.

The most comprehensive guide t

How to learn popular analytics tools on your own – ‘R’ Statistical Software


‘R’ Statistical Software

Known as the open statistical software, the learning curve for ‘R’ is pretty easy even for non-geeks and non-statistical professionals. This is one software you can definitely master on your own. So to learn the ‘lingua franca’ of data science, let’s get cracking!

R is multi-platform compatible – Windows PC, Mac, Linux, name it and you get

How to learn popular analytics tools on your own – Apache Hadoop

Often it makes sense to learn the basics of the technologies in use before learning them formally. There are plenty of resources on the internet that give you an insight into how you could download for free and work on analytics tools to comprehend the ecosystem.

We begin with open source software projects.

Apache Hadoop

To learn Hadoop, you need to be familiar with the Linux based

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