Why every Data Professional should master MS Excel

Whether you are an analytics pundit or a newbie wanting to work with data, you simply cannot ignore the ubiquitous Microsoft Excel.

From being a simple spreadsheet programme containing loads of data, MS Excel has emerged as a BI tool, indispensable for data professionals. Its unlimited potential to work with data and statistical analyses makes it a robust, feature-filled tool that can be levera

Why Visual Analytics is Trending



It is all over the place. Analytics has gone ‘visual’ in a big way.

So what’s with Visual Analytics, the activ

A cheat sheet on how to tackle an Analytics Project

Analytics helps solve many problems across various application areas like healthcare, retail, climate science, crime, banking, fraud and more. Each of these different applications calls for some basic domain knowledge. For instance, to solve a problem of your retailer client, you would need to have an idea of retail operations in general.

However, what happens when you are assigned a problem or

How Predictive Analytics drives Competitive Advantage in Online Retailing

A sneak peek into the new budget of the Modi Government reveals plans to open up India’s $500 billion retail sector to global online retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores and Amazon. With this the competition in Indian online retail industry heats up as online retailers jostle the e-commerce space to engage custo

How Footfall Analytics helps optimise Retail performance

How many people entered the store (A) during the peak summer month of May?

How did they behave?

What was the footfall to sales ratio for those 31 days?

What was the footfall per square feet during the period?

What does the effective sales per square feet tell about the store visitors?

Retailers who want to get ahead of the competition need to ask

How to gain business insight with CRM (Customer Relation Management) Analytics

Which are the customers most likely to do repeat purchases?

Which are the customers least likely to do repeat purchases?

Which customers lead to the most profits over a given period?

How likely is a customer or customer segment to buy a product similar to one already purchased?

“Customer is king”, is a well known mantra that has defined the trajectory of

Unleashing the power of the Cloud with real-time analytics

The recent 2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data Research study puts business spending on big data-related initiatives in 2014, at about $8 million. While analytics software and human analysts form part of this spending, 49% of the enterprises surveyed is slated to invest in hardware like storage and server, 44% plan in cloud infrastructure.

The challenges of analytics in the Cloud

While int

How Bayesian Predictive Modelling is used for Election Analysis

As a student of statistics or analytics, you will know why the Bayesian logic is applied to decision making and inferential statistics for probability inference.  It is the way to quantify a situation with an uncertain outcome by determining its probability. The Bayesian model defines a rule for refining a hypothesis – factoring-

Top 10 Skills for Web Analytics

If you have a blog, host a website or are placed in charge of online marketing, you are probably familiar with the term web analytics or web metrics. Stats such as these must be pretty familiar to you.

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